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How to Turn off Share Contact Info in iOS 17 and Re-enable it Again

Posted: November 14, 2023

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The release of iOS 17 has introduced several features that aim to enhance the user's digital experience. One of these additions is the Namedrop function, a contact-sharing feature that allows a seamless exchange of contact information with just a held phone.

Reason for Learning to Turn Off Share Contact Info

While Namedrop may be handy in certain situations, some iPhone users prefer more control over their personal data privacy. Sharing your contact information might not suit everyone, especially those who value their privacy and wish to limit the accessibility of their personal information. It makes learning how to disable the Namedrop feature necessary for some iOS 17 users.

Finding the Solution for Turning Off Share Contact Info

Understanding the mechanism of turning off contact sharing is essential in fully controlling one's privacy settings. This tutorial will guide users on how to turn off iOS 17 name and photo sharing, helping them maintain the privacy of their data.

Steps to Turn off Share Contact Info in iOS 17

Disabling contact sharing in iOS 17 is straightforward. This process does not require the complete disabling of AirDrop, as Namedrop is an independent feature. These simple steps can help you quickly turn off iOS 17 contact sharing.

Open Settings App

The first step requires you to access the settings of your iPhone. You can do this by opening the Settings app on your home screen.

Navigate to General AirDrop

After opening the settings, you need to look for the 'General' option and tap on it. Upon clicking, you will find the 'AirDrop' option. Select AirDrop to view the specific settings related to it.

Toggle Off the Switch for Bringing Devices Together

Inside the AirDrop settings, find the switch labeled 'Bringing Devices Together.' This switch is responsible for activating the Namedrop feature, which, when on, allows your device to share contact information without needing explicit action. Toggle this switch off to disable the Namedrop feature, thus turning off contact sharing. Your device will no longer send or receive Namedrop requests, and your contact picture will stop appearing on other people's devices.

Re-enabling Share Contact Info

Suppose you've previously turned off the Namedrop feature but have changed your mind or find yourself in a situation where sharing your contact info is beneficial. In that case, you can quickly and readily re-enable NameDrop on your iOS 17 device.

Going to Settings > General

To turn on the NameDrop contact-sharing feature, you would need to revisit the Settings application on your iPhone. Locate the 'General' option within this app, much like you did when disabling the feature. Within the General section, you will find the 'AirDrop' settings.

Toggling on Bringing Devices Together Option in AirDrop Settings

Next, within the AirDrop settings, find the 'Bringing Devices Together' switch again. This time, toggle this switch on to enable contact sharing on your iOS 17 device. Be sure to also have your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, and your AirDrop setting is set to 'Everyone' or 'Contacts Only' for the feature to function effectively. By enabling NameDrop, you can once again start seamlessly sharing your contact information with another iPhone user by simply bringing your devices together.

Advice and Resource Recommendations

While learning how to navigate around the settings on your iOS 17 device, it would be advantageous to use some select resources and take some advice to improve your understanding and knowledge of Apple's new operating system even more.

Interacting with the Online Community of iPhone Users

One way to gain more in-depth knowledge about iOS 17 is by connecting with an online community of fellow iPhone users. An example of one of these communities is the Apple Support Community, an interactive forum where Apple customers exchange insights, offer help and discuss their experiences regarding Apple products. You can sign up using your Apple ID to get started.