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Unlock the Power of Widgets and Customize Your Apple Watch

Posted: October 18, 2023

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Access Your Apple Watch Widgets

Definition and Features of Widgets

In the watchOS 10, the Apple Watch has introduced a widget feature. These controls appear in a scrolling section, which you can quickly access by swiping up or turning the Digital Crown when on the watch face. The widgets provide fast and easy-to-access information, enable you to view live activities, and launch apps with just a tap.

Difference Between Widgets and Complications

It is essential to note that widgets are significantly different from complications. Complications are tappable controls that are directly on the Apple Watch face. You can edit these complications by tapping and holding on a watch face, then tap on Edit and swipe to the right.

Steps to Access Widgets

Accessing widgets is as easy as swiping up or turning the crown when you're on the watch face. When you open your widgets, you'll see the current date and a clock at the top. Furthermore, you'll notice live activities such as a running timer, playing music or podcasts. Tapping on these activities pulls up the apps currently running in the background. This feature saves you the hustle of finding the app and re-opening it.

Add or Remove Widgets From the Stack

Information on Default Widgets

By default, the Apple Watch includes a certain set of widgets based on the apps that you have installed on your device. The widgets offer quick access to these apps and give you a glance at relevant information without opening the apps themselves.

Method of Adding and Removing Widgets via Apple Watch

To add widgets, you first need to access the widget view by swiping right or scrolling on the Apple Watch's main screen. Then, tap on the Edit button at the bottom. You can add widgets by tapping the + or - buttons on the widget's card. To remove a widget, simply tap on the - button beside it.

Customize App Shortcuts

How to Pin Widgets to the Top

To keep your top-priority apps easily accessible, pin their corresponding widgets to the top of the widget stack. Simply use the Edit mode, then press and hold the widget you want to pin, dragging it to the top of the list.

Steps to Remove Widgets

To remove a widget:

  1. Open the Edit mode.
  2. Tap the "-" button next to the widget you want to remove.
  3. Confirm your selection by tapping on Remove.

Tips on Adding Preferred Widgets

Adding preferred widgets can enhance your user experience. It is advisable to add those widgets you frequently find most useful to your widget stack for easy and quick access.

Clean up Your Watch Face

Overview of the Customization Benefits

Customizing and editing your widget stack brings a great advantage. It pares down your watch face to a simple, classy design while still maintaining the same quick access to your apps and activities. It makes your watch face look more organized and well-curated.

Using the Numeral Face for a Minimalist Look

If you desire a more minimalist look, consider using the Numerals face. This feature leaves only the time and date displayed on the face of your watch, making it a perfect choice for a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Accessing Applications via the Widget Stack

While cleaning up your watch face, remember that you can still access your applications via the widget stack. By clicking on the All Apps button at the very bottom of the widgets stack, it is effortless to go to the app list.