Kontera Description

Kontera is an unwanted and unwelcome browser cookie that allows malicious websites to access your browser activity. Kontera is installed onto the system due to gambling and porn-related websites. The Kontera tracking cookies can allow third party websites to analyze browsing behavior.

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Posted: July 22, 2009 | By
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  • Matt says:

    Well it keeps a record of what you do, and you didn’t ask for it sounds like spyware to me, oh yeah andif its on her it came off either a porn site, youtube or facbook, its a friggin nuissanc, no one will earn off it, its jus some computer wankrs pleased about the @fukin potntial" of advertising to your exact client base, we have lways done that you knobs, if a ad is for you you look at it, and as it stands apart from connection fee I have never i my life been seduced into spending mony online itjust doesn’t grip you like TV or mags can, its all fuckin buble bolocks.

  • RC says:

    “Kontera is installed onto the system due to gambling and porn-related websites”

    No it isn’t. Kontera is an in-line text advertising company. It isn’t spyware. Not everything that drops cookies on your computer is “spyware”. You can easily remove Kontera ads by blocking the root sites they are linked to.

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