Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus

Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus Description

The Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus is a Police Trojan that attacks PC users within the borders of Slovakia by displaying an inaccurate legal warning about their online histories – including accusations of dabbling in child pornography or downloading illegal content. Far from being a Police-authorized authority, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus’s sole goal is to force its victims to transfer money to criminals through vouchers, such as Paysafecard and Ukash.

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and steps to uninstall SpyHunter. malware research team can’t see any justification for paying the fine that a Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus levies against you, but they do see sound logic in finding a way to disable and then delete the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus – in most cases, with some assistance from appropriate anti-malware software.

When It’s Okay to Flout the ‘Law’

The Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus claims to be a legal program that’s designed to lock the computers of lawbreaking citizens. However, the real function behind the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus is to lock any PC that it infects regardless of whether or not that PC has been used for any type of crimes. Along with displaying basic nationalistic details like Slovakia’s flag, the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus also displays your IP address as the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus attempts to convince you of its supposed legal standing.

The Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus’s pop-up warning asks you to pay a relatively small fine within three days lest you be forced to pay a much higher one, along with other penalties, such as being sent to jail for an extended period. malware researchers are pleased to confirm that this time limit is a bluff and that the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus isn’t capable of initiating any attacks besides its initial ones – which include using its pop-up to prevent you from using any other applications. There’s nothing to be gained by paying the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus’s ransom, which is sent into criminal hands rather than to your local govenrment.

Why Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus is Crafty but Not Creative

The Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus, besides being a fairly obvious scam, also is a clear example of a Police Trojan that’s based on previous ones. Although the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus clearly targets Slovakian citizens, malware experts have identified very similar Police Trojans in other countries. Some modern examples of the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus’s siblings encompass the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus, the Malta Police Association Virus, Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware, Ministerio de Seguridad Ransomware, Cheshire Police Authority Ransomware, Policie České Republiky Ransomware, the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus, Polizia Penitenziaria Ransomware and Policia Boliviana Ransomware.

Before you can remove the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus, malware experts consider it necessary to disable the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus and its fake alert. Doing so usually entails each of two; a system boot from a peripheral device (the USB drive or any similar device) or Safe Mode. As soon as you can access your hard drive without seeing the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus’s alert, you can use whatever anti-malware scanner you prefer for deleting the Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus.

Ministerstvo Vnútra Virus Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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  • The following messages's were detected:
    # Message
    1POZOR! Vas pocitac je zablokovany kvoli aspon jedneho z dovodov uvedenych nizsie.
    Boli ste chyteni pri prezerani alebo distribuciu zakazane produkcie pornografickym obsahom (Detska pornografia/Zoofilia a atd'). A tym porusujete clanok 202 trestneho zakonnika Slovenskej Republiky.
    Pokuty mozu byt' vyplatene az az pocas 72 hodin po poruseni. Akonahle 72 hodin uplynuti, moznost' zaplatit' pokutu vyprsi, a trestne konanie je zacate proti Vas automaticky pocas najblizsich 72 hodin!
    Vyska pokuty je SKK 2000 alebo € 100.
    Mozete zplatit' pokutu pomocou PaySafeCard alebo Ukash.
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