Reveton Ransomware Gang Leader Arrested by Spanish Police

reveton ransomware leader arrestedEvery time a hacker or gang of cybercrooks are brought to justice, the relentless security combating world takes a step forward in the never-ending battle of fighting all things malicious in the virtual world. We are happy to relay the report from Spanish Police that the key figure behind the notorious Reveton Ransomware scheme has been arrested in Dubai while vacationing along with ten other people associated with the operation.

Reveton Ransomware, comprised of various Trojan infections and other ransomware messages, such as Ukash Virus, Scotland Yards Ukash Virus, Guardia di Finanza Ransomware and others, has been a well-oiled money extortion machine infecting thousands of computers around the world. Reveton Ransomware is known to have an attack method of blackmailing victims through locking up a computer and then asking for a fine to be paid for purportedly conducting illegal activity. Victims giving into the ransom message and paying the fine, will ultimately dispute the outcome as their PC will remain locked and infected with the Reveton Ransomware infection.

Tracking down the collaborator of Reveton Ransomware, reported by security firm Trend Micro, was said to be traced down by police of an unnamed man through the threat’s payment channel funneling through Spain. Police said the Spanish part of the Reveton operation brought in over 1 million euros per year, a mere fraction of what may have been collected globally.

The payment system is a vulnerable aspect of ransomware, or any type of scheming malware threat for that matter. Possibly, the cybercrooks utilizing PaySafeCard/Ukash vouchers and then laundering it into real cash before sending the funds to the gang, assisted authorities in tracking down the perpetrators.

Even though the exact number of victims effected by the Spanish portion of the Reveton ransomware gang will never be known, there are still new-found victims succumbing to Reveton ransomware or different variations of the malware.

The video below is footage of the arrest taking place from yesterday in Costa del Sol, Spain.

The FBI has repeatedly warned computer users located in the U.S. of the ransomware threats such as Reveton after they were blitzed with numerous reports of infections. Many of the recent ransomware threats have been successful in their malicious task of extorting money from the unsuspecting. Many ransomware campaigns were targeted attacks utilizing familiar logos to resemble local law enforcement entities.

There are countless crime-ring hubs around the world. Detaining just one portion of the Reveton Ransomware gang is a major step in the right direction but it is also a reminder as to how much work is still to be done to combat the myriad of malware threats circulating around the world.

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