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Axissoftware.com (Fake Store Site) Imitates Groupon to Peddle Fake Anti-virus Software

Posted: September 27, 2011

spoofing online bargins website malwareAlthough most types of fake software websites are willing to peddle one or two types of scamware products, Axissoftware.com has gone to the next level with its Groupon-spoofing format. Visitors to Axissoftware.com will find that Axissoftware.com is handing out software bargains left and right – but only if you buy them quickly enough! SpywareRemove.com malware research team has found the coal underneath Axissoftware.com's gold finish; however, Axissoftware.com is just a scam that tries to steal credit card information and doesn't offer even a single bargain purchase. Being aware of Axissoftware.com's SOP and the risks that are entailed with visiting Axissoftware.com will help you to keep your cash, your credit card and your PC away from this new form of e-product scam.

Endless Bargains from Axissoftware.com for Endless Credit Card Trouble

The recent Axissoftware.com scam has evolved traditional scamware-selling to an entirely new level of sophistication. Axissoftware.com can be recognized especially easily by anyone who's ever visited Groupon.com before, since Axissoftware.com has lifted its interface almost wholesale from that popular shopping-bargains website. This includes easy-browsing options, a friendly-looking shopping cart, prominent mentions of trustworthy brands, highly-popular product availability and, of course, amazingly low prices – for a limited time only, of course.

Yet all of these wonderful bargains have an unpleasant underbelly that they're going to keep from you – the fact that, as SpywareRemove.com malware experts have found, Axissoftware.com doesn't contain links to any legitimate bargains, deals or even real software purchase forms at all. Trying to spend money on one of Axissoftware.com's many deals will only take you to an insecure purchase form that prompts you for your credit card information – but you don't get to download your software or have it sent to your doorstep afterwards.

Sparing Your Bank Account the Not-So-Cheap Woes of an Axissoftware.com 'Cheap Software' Scam

Since, in reality, Axissoftware.com's 'cheap software' is actually an expensive 'nothing,' you should try to avoid Axissoftware.com or other websites that mimic its Groupon-copycat behavior. Victims of Axissoftware.com's purchase form will want to cancel their credit cards to minimize any possibility of extra charges coming their way.

If you're uncertain about whether or not a purchase form is legitimate or fake, you can check your browser's URL bar for the green encryption symbol. Private data, such as credit card info, shouldn't be given to sites that don't use some form of encryption to protect the information from criminals. You should also check up on any e-store's reputation before you use it to purchase a product, even if the product itself is legitimate.

SpywareRemove.com malware researchers also advise anyone who's come into contact with Axissoftware.com to be aware of the possibility of infection, since scamware websites like Axissoftware.com are well-known for installing harmful programs without consent. Disabling Flash and JavaScript can ward off such attacks, and an anti-malware program can get rid of Axissoftware.com infections, if you find that your PC is, in fact, infected.