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Beefed-Up Security In Safari 3.1 Web Browser

Posted: March 20, 2008

With the latest release of The Safari Web Browser version 3.1 many bugs have been fixed making it a safer web browser with less vulnerabilities. Apple recently released a major security update to the MAC OS operating system which included the Update to Safari 3.1.

Included with the Safari 3.1 package is a better execution of functions to keep Safari safe for internet surfers. An issue that a previous windows version of Safari had was the validation of certificates for websites. This gave hackers the ability to direct users to a legitimate site with a valid SSL certificate and then later redirect the user to a phishing website. Because Safari did not have a phishing filter this would happen without any road blocks causing potential identity theft.

Other vulnerabilities have been corrected in Safari 3.1 making it a valid competitor among other web browsers due to its clean and uncluttered interface. Some may agree that Safari is a faster browser than other popular applications. Then some may agree that Safari is way behind the times when put against more popular browsers. Either way Safari 3.1 is a compelling competitor for usability and security on the web with the many improvements over previous versions.

Cross-site scripting was one major flaw in the security aspect of Safari. This allowed attackers to spoof websites to make users unaware of their information being shared among malicious web sites. Many of the highlighted vulnerabilities that were repaired are listed on Apple's website.

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