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There are currently 102 internet security program(s) in our database.

Name Date
'Lady Gaga Found Dead in Hotel Room' Facebook Likejacking Scam Leads to Malware September 20, 2011
‘A Problem with the Cooling System Has Been Detected’ Message November 16, 2013
'Download Google Chrome' Search Results May Lead to Malware January 31, 2012
17 Essential Tips to Increase Your Website’s Security July 13, 2012
2.2 Billion Spam Emails Sends Man to Jail in Tokyo February 19, 2008
25% of Tested Google Chrome Extensions Have Security Bugs and Vulnerable to Data Theft September 30, 2011
50 Million Emails, Names, Encrypted Passwords Leaked in LivingSocial Hacking Ordeal April 28, 2013
A New System of Online 'Security Questions' to the Rescue November 12, 2009
Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player Hold Critical Vulnerabilities July 28, 2009
Adware Threats 'Mintcast' and 'Shell&Services' Secretly Disabling Firefox Safe Browsing Service January 11, 2016
Aetna Website Data Breach May Have Compromised Employee Social Security Numbers May 28, 2009
Anonymous Defaces Hundreds of ISIS Anti-LGBT Twitter Accounts After Orlando Shooting June 16, 2016
Apple Improves Security of Safari by Patching Flaws November 13, 2009
Are Flash Cookies Tracking Your Online Activities? August 19, 2009
Avoid Malware Version of Adobe’s Flash Player (Adobe_flash.exe) October 25, 2008
Bank of America Rejects Claim of 'Par:AnoIA' Data Leak Coming from Their Systems March 1, 2013
Be Aware of A New Malware Scam if you are a Twilight Fan! November 27, 2009
Beefed-Up Security In Safari 3.1 Web Browser March 20, 2008
Best Practices to Protect Your Privacy and Fight Malware August 13, 2015
Beware of 'This Person Is Threatening to Expose You' Twitter Phishing Scams Stealing Logins July 15, 2013
Beware of Fake SourceForge Sites Serving Up Malicious Downloads April 19, 2013
Beware of Malware on YouTube! July 8, 2007
Beware: 'Ensuring Social Security' Facebook Phishing Scams Hijack Personal Information July 3, 2013
Beware: 'Woman Eaten by Shark' Facebook Scam Leads to Malware Attack December 12, 2014
Black Hat 2012 Conference Wireless LAN Suffers Over 1,500 Severe Security Events from Attendees July 30, 2012
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