Creators of RedKit Exploit Kit Secretly Express Disgust Towards Security Expert Brian Krebs

Posted: April 27, 2013

hackers mad at brian krebsThe RedKit Exploit Kit has been brightly shining on the radar screen of many security experts especially Brian Krebs, the author of and cybercriminal adversary. In recent findings of RedKit Exploit Kit, known for being a package of exploitation tools used by cybercrooks to install malicious software onto computers without alerting the user, security experts from Sophos identified a string in the source code of the kit related specifically to Brian Krebs.

Embedded within the malicious code of the RedKit Exploit Kit is a string reading "Crebs, its your fault." Experts believe that this is not an outright threat but a demonstration of how Krebs' work has impacted the creators of the exploitation kit.

At times, the impact that well-known security experts have on cybercrime goes unnoticed until the cybercrooks or hackers lash out with direct backlash to anything that interrupts their criminal activity. Over the years, Brian Krebs has had a major impact on uncovering a number of cybercriminal activities.

The idea of hackers or cybercrooks relaying hidden or subtle messages aimed at the ones who are pundits of their work virtually exposing their criminal activities is nothing new. Last year, Sophos was under scrutiny by cybercrooks when message hidden in malware contained the strings reading "Sophos sucks." Additionally, another exploit kit found earlier this year had a string of code reading "Dear Sophos, what do you need from me? I do not understand. Please [expletive] off! ThankYou!"

There is a saying that basically claims that if you have haters, you must be doing something right. The same can be said about how hackers are continually lashing out at security experts and those of us who work to combat malware and computer security issues on a daily basis. The work never ends, and we only expect to continue to receive flak from hackers and cybercrooks for as long as we are doing our job.

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