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Name Date
'Hey User Your Facebook Account Has Been Closed!' Bogus Message Leads to Encrypted Malware June 20, 2013
2.8 Million Android Users Affected by 155 Trojan-Infected Apps in Google Play Store August 2, 2016
20% of Spam Emails Sent During 2016 Contained Ransomware February 22, 2017
2012 Malware Infection Rates Soar to New Highs for Windows 7 October 11, 2012
51 Fraudulent 'Porn Clicker' Malware Apps Removed from Google Play Store July 24, 2015
About: Blank - Source of Funding November 12, 2004
Aggressive Adware Hits Several High-Profile Sites; NYT, AOL, BBC, MSN and Others March 16, 2016
Aggressive Botnet Spreads Via Facebook Chat, Skype and other Popular IM Services August 31, 2012
Android Flaw Allowing Bitcoin Wallet Theft Receives Patch from Google August 16, 2013
Android Malware and Ransomware Mostly Widely Used by Cybercriminals June 4, 2013
Android.Lockscreen Ransomware Means Business This Time September 28, 2016
Antivirus 2009, XP Antivirus, XP Antivirus 2008 & XP Antivirus 2009 Cause Winlogon Infection July 24, 2008
Antivirus 360 Warning: Out-of-Date Third Party Plugins Help Distribute Antivirus 360 December 15, 2008
Antivirus2008 Removal Instructions May 14, 2008
Authorities Terminate Mumblehard Botnet Ceasing Spam Operation of 4,000 Infected Servers April 8, 2016
Banking Malware 'Perkele Botkit' Spreads via Fake Google Play Accounts March 7, 2013
Behavior-Based Classification of Malware May Be the Key to Diminishing Future Attacks January 15, 2013
Beware of Malware Pushers Targeting 'Kate Middleton Topless Pictures' Search Results September 14, 2012
Beware: CCleaner Attacked by Sneaky Hackers to Spread Malware September 20, 2017
Beware: Next Ransomware Attacks Could Be Worse Than WannaCry June 1, 2017
Beware: Palevo Botnet Family Chats Up a Storm Launching Attacks on Infected PCs May 4, 2010
Beware: Upatre Malware Spreads Through Fake ADP Invoices and Fiserv Documents January 16, 2014
Bitcoin Traders Accused of Laundering Money for Ransomware Operators April 23, 2016
Black Shades and Herbst Ransomware Authors Lower Ransom Fees to Entice Payment Over Alternatives June 7, 2016
BLU Android Smartphones Discontinued on Amazon Due to a Possible Malware Infection August 1, 2017
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