Ransomware is a sub-category of trojan that locks down your computer by interfering with its interface, blocking other programs or encrypting its files (a process that makes these files unusable until they’re decrypted). During this lockdown, the ransomware will issue a message, most often in the form of a pop-up, that recommends that you pay a fine to reverse the lockdown. This recommendation may also include fake accusations of illegal content that’s associated with your PC or references to police agencies in an attempt to make it more likely than otherwise that you’d pay this fine. However, all forms of ransomware are, themselves, illegal, and any warnings that they issue regarding legal penalties should be considered fraudulent by definition.

How to Know When You’re Under a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware trojans are among the simplest of PC threats to identify since they will always attempt to prevent you from using your computer normally and will display very obvious ransom-related messages in their attacks.

Some subclassifications of ransomware that our malware experts have noted according to their symptoms include:

Using the Long Arm of the Law to Slap Ransomware Off of Your PC

Although precise solutions may vary with the type of ransomware that attacks your PC, our malware research team recommends that you always try to disable ransomware before you remove it, ideally with anti-malware software. Most forms of ransomware will hinder your ability to use security and anti-malware programs in some way, and they may launch themselves with your OS to do so. In cases where Safe Mode is inadequate or inapplicable for disabling ransomware, you should consider booting your PC from an uninfected source, which can include USB drive devices, DVDs and CDs.

Once you’ve launched your PC without symptoms of ransomware being open, anti-malware scans should be adequate for detecting and deleting the ransomware and any other PC threats that may be related to its attacks. However, encrypted files will remain encrypted, and programs that have been damaged may need to be reinstalled or restored from a backup.

Is Your PC Infected with Ransomware?

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There are currently 2,603 ransomware program(s) in our database.

Name Date
_readme Ransomware November 13, 2018
!XTPLOCK5.0 File Extension' Ransomware October 13, 2016
.aescrypt Ransomware April 26, 2019
.AUDIT File Extension' Ransomware November 12, 2018
.ccc File Extension Ransomware December 3, 2015
.DOCM Ransomware April 26, 2019
.frendi Ransomware March 4, 2019
.LPD BM.I Ransomware February 23, 2013
.PLEASE_CONTACT_1398456099@qq_com' Ransomware May 31, 2019
.vvv File Extension Ransomware December 3, 2015
'_csp File Extension' Ransomware March 5, 2019
'_morf56@meta.ua_ File Extension' Ransomware December 9, 2016
'!__prontos@cumallover.me__.bak File Extension' Ransomware June 3, 2019
'!@#$%^&-()_+.1C File Extension' Ransomware October 12, 2018
'.[volcano666@tutanota.de].volcano File Extension' Ransomware March 14, 2018
'.010001 File Extension' Ransomware November 13, 2018
'.0ff File Extension' Ransomware November 23, 2016
'.342 Extension' Ransomware December 1, 2016
'.777 File Extension' Ransomware May 18, 2016
'.7zipper File Extension' Ransomware January 31, 2017
'.AdolfHitler File Extension' Ransomware June 6, 2018
'.aes256 File Extension' Ransomware December 19, 2016
'.aesir File Extension' Ransomware November 22, 2016
'.alien File Extension' Ransomware January 29, 2019
'.aqva File Extension' Ransomware February 21, 2019
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