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.ccc File Extension Ransomware

Posted: December 3, 2015

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 8/10
Infected PCs: 35
First Seen: December 3, 2015
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware is a file encryption Trojan or a Trojan that scans for files to modify with the intent of making them temporarily unopenable. Like most threats of its kind, the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware uses its attacks in combination with additional messages that instruct its victims to make payments to con artists before the files can return to normal. However, given the uncertainty of good results from paying this ransom, malware experts suggest deleting the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware with anti-malware products and then using standard file restoration strategies to undo any damage.

The Extension You will not Want to See on Your Files

Although paying file ransoms is rarely a good way to restore any lost data, threat authors continue to rely on this strategy when developing new Trojans, such as the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware and its estimated relatives, the '.vvv File Extension' Ransomware and TeslaCrypt. While the latter makes a name for itself by targeting files specific to gaming products, the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware has no confirmed preferences. However, the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware is more likely to attack files of types related to personal data, such as JPGs, MP3s or TXTs.

The '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware's file encryption attack modifies the affected files to make them unreadable without permanently harming the data, and also adds a '.ccc' extension to each file name. This extension seemingly is superficial, without any attempt to change the file format, and has no relationship with legitimate programs using similar file formats (such as Curtain Call's native bitmap files). After the attack, the files can't be used without a decryption process, which the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware attempts to sell to its victims through a ransom instruction the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware also places on their computers in text and HTML. Unlike the '.vvv File Extension' Ransomware, the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware also may delete the original extension names of your files, which makes it more difficult to identify the original formats.

Taking the 'C's out of the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware's Attack

The '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware delivers its attacks with the intent of selling your files back to you during its ransom procedure. However, con artists have no motivation for honoring their word and delivering a decryption service to victims who do pay the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware's fee. Consequentially, malware experts recommend virtually any other means of saving your files, including using cloud storage or USB-based backups that can prevent the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware from accessing them.

Disinfecting your PC, including deleting the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware with the anti-malware tool of your choice, should take place before you make any efforts towards reversing its attacks. While malware experts have found little evidence of the '.ccc File Extension' Ransomware's most common targets, to date, similar threats may distribute themselves in spam e-mail attachments. They also may be installed through a vulnerable Web browser via scripting exploits.

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