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There are currently 2,961 ransomware program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Police Grand-Ducale Luxembourg Ransomware February 25, 2013
Police Magyarország Rendőrség Ransomware April 2, 2013
Police Nationale FR Ransomware April 24, 2012
Police Nationale Francaise Ransomware August 29, 2013
Police Ransomware Virus August 15, 2012
Policia Boliviana Ransomware February 25, 2013
Polícia de Segurança Pública Portuguese Virus March 12, 2012
POLICIA Departamento Cibercrime Ransomware February 25, 2013
Policia Federal Argentina (PFA) Ransomware February 22, 2013
Policia Nacional De Uruguay Virus March 13, 2013
Policía Nacional del Ecuador Ransomware April 2, 2013
Policie Ceske Republiky Ransomware February 25, 2013
POLICJA!!! Ransomware July 11, 2018
POLIISI Osasto Tietoverkkorikollisuuden Ransomware Virus October 23, 2012
Poliisi Tietoverkkorikos Tutkinnan Yksikko Ransomware April 11, 2012
Polisen Enhetnen för Databrott Ransomware March 27, 2012
Politia Romana Virus Ransomware October 31, 2012
Politie ‘Uw Persoonlijke Computer Wordt Geblokkeerd’ Ransomware July 22, 2013
POLITIE Belgique Police Fédérale Virus March 14, 2013
Politie Federal Computer Crime Unit Ransomware March 26, 2012
Politie Nederland Ransomware February 18, 2013
Politie Office Central Ransomware May 21, 2013
Politiet Kongeriget Danmark Ransomware February 14, 2013
Politiet Norge Ukash Ransomware Virus October 24, 2012
Polizei Control Department Gegen Cyberkriminalität Virus October 30, 2012

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