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Phishing is a scam that uses fraudulent emails and phony websites to trick visitors or recipients into revealing valuable personal information such as passwords, credit card account numbers, online banking user identification numbers, social security numbers, and other sensitive data. Most phishing scams falsely claim to be from a trusted person or organization to lure unsuspecting users to reveal their private information.

A common approach used by phishers is to send a fake e-mail that claims to come from a trustworthy source and contain a subject and message meant to frighten or alert the recipient into taking immediate action. The e-mail scam usually tells the user of a problem with their account and that they must update or reactivate the account. The e-mail provides the user a link that redirects him or her to a fake website, controlled by a fraudster, and claims to be that of a trustworthy institution. Once at the fake website, the user is asked to provide information such as a bank account number or password which is then captured by the fraudster.

This phishing e-mail scam can be targeted, where the fraudster has details about the user, or indiscriminately circulated on a grand scale through Spam. Fraudster may use Internet addresses disguised to look almost identical with that of a trustworthy company.

Malware authors, phishers and spammers are increasingly targeting popular web-based mail clients to launch malicious phishing attacks to promote their services and products. Phisers can adapt quickly and devise new techniques to ensure they can target the highest number of users as quickly as possible in the shortest time span achievable.

There are currently 51 phishing program(s) in our database.

Name Date
'FDIC notification' Phishing Email August 31, 2011
'Free Facebook Birthday T-Shirt' Scam Steals Secret Facebook Mobile Email Addresses September 9, 2011
'I Forward this File to You for Review' Phishing Email August 30, 2011
'I saw a real bad blog about you' Twitter Phishing Scam‎ October 11, 2011
'Profile Peekers' Facebook Phishing Scam October 7, 2011
'Stalkers Application' Phishing Scam Lose on Twitter August 12, 2011
'VIDEO SHOCK – Hurricane Irene New York kills All' Video Scam August 30, 2011
‘Receipt for payment to Skype’ Email Scam August 25, 2011
‘Two free Southwest Airlines tickets’ Facebook Scam October 3, 2011
‘When I Found This About You’ Twitter Scam September 23, 2011
'R.I.P. Steve Jobs' Facebook Scam Exploits Users with Free iPad Offer October 6, 2011
1 of Friends Awaiting Your Response Email April 2, 2009
A Brief History on Phishing Scams September 27, 2005
A Question About Your iOffer Item January 20, 2009
ACH Payment xxxxx Canceled Phishing Email Scam September 29, 2011
AMEX Email Scam March 21, 2019
Anti-Phishing Act of 2005 September 27, 2005
Avoid The 'When Did You Make This Video?' Twitter Direct Message Phishing Attack September 6, 2011
Canadians Lured By Cash Service Phishing Scam January 19, 2010
Facebook Alert: Beware of Wasvideo.com Phishing Scam March 27, 2013
Fake ‘Urgent Order’ Phishing Emails Use Google Docs to Collect Passwords March 17, 2013
Fake IRS Site: Open Phishing Season for Taxpayers January 11, 2010
Fake Online StoreFront Phishing Scam November 19, 2004
Hackers Used Spear Phishing Emails to Start South Korean Banks Attacks March 27, 2013
HornyGirlHere Phishing E-mail September 26, 2011
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