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Posted: April 27, 2010

Avexpertsoft.com is included in the blacklisted websites that are associated with Antispyware Soft, a bogus anti-spyware application. Avexpertsoft.com hijacker is associated with the URL Avexpertsoft.microsoft.com which is not related to any real Microsoft domain. Avexpertsoft.com cannot be accessed from a non-injured workstation. It's only due to the activity of Antispyware Soft that PC users may get directed to Avexpertsoft.microsoft.com. Avexpertsoft.microsoft.com includes a warning message which says that your computer is not secure because of unsafe Internet activity. A targeted user will be expected to click a link for more information redirecting them to an unwanted web page. That's exactly when a user gets diverted to the real Avexpertsoft.com site which is a purchase processing page related to Antispyware Soft rogueware. Avexpertsoft.com tells a user how perfect Antispyware Soft is and how much it is needed. Undoubtedly, all the praises and testimonials given on Avexpertsoft.com are fake. It's just a trap the cyber-criminals want users to get into. Make sure you don't fall for the Avexpertsoft.com browser redirect hoaxes. Instead remove Antispyware Soft trialware; this will guarantee the end of irritating Avexpertsoft.com redirect activity.

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One Comment

  • Rachael says:

    Totally traumatized and unable to follow the steps outlined here. It appears the malware stops the processes whenever I start them. Is it hopeless? What will become of my computer?