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Posted: March 28, 2006

DataRape is a family of RAT applications, based on the source of Latinus
virus. The application was created in Delphi applicationming language. Several
variants from appeared from August 1996 to December 2002. A RAT
application works by a simple but effective principle: the hacker infects
the machine with a "server" application via the e-mail or File and Print
Sharing computer and can control it, using a "client" on his PC.
Originated in September 200

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 0887dd.exe
    2 1.2.exe
    3 3c5d57e8.exe
    4 com.dll
    5 datarape
    6 datarape.exe
    7 datarape.txt
    8 datarape1.0
    9 datarape1.2.exe
    10 dfw.dll
    11 edtsrv.exe
    12 f.exe
    13 joiner.1
    14 readme.txt
    15 server.exe

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One Comment

  • noname says:

    Ok! I had f.exe running on a W2kPro install and first noticed it a couple of days ago: regedit.exe wouldn\'t stay open for use. Didn\'t think much of it until today when I ran across some mysterious applications found in an installer/{identity key} folder and needed regedit to find out what the app was that made this list. Disabling f.exe using Task Manager IS NOT possible (shutdown); access violation. The solution is to restart in Safe Mode and delete it by clicking on it directly. It doesn\'t load there. Coming back to normal start-up releases the regedit.exe blink-out hazzard, the f.exe is in the trashcan and can be deleted, and the system is back to normal. Thank-you for the initial coordinates though!