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HDD Doctor

Posted: December 21, 2010

HDD Doctor is a newer addition to the long line of rogue security applications and uses standard scamming methods – fake infections and system alerts alongside insistent and highly negative scanning displays. The rogue defragmenter HDD Doctor has none of HDD Doctor's advertised capabilities and HDD Doctor's website should be considered untrustworthy even for merely visiting, let alone trusting HDD Doctor with your credit card! The presence of rogue security applications like HDD Doctor is known to cause security risks and interfere with the infected PC in various ways, so you should try to delete HDD Doctor whenever a convenient moment arises.

Looking Back at the HDD Doctor's Source

HDD Doctor is very far from a creative malware program; this rogue PC threat bears a striking similarity to old malware like HDD Plus and ThinkPoint. You may also see HDD Doctor marketed under the name of HDDoctor, which is the same program under a minor name variant.

Despite its unoriginality, HDD Doctor may be able to fool anti-malware applications, since HDD Doctor sprang into the Internet in 2011 and is thus a fairly new threat. If you want to have the best possible chance of detecting HDD Doctor, have your security programs kept updated in terms of malware definitions.

Trojans are the main means by which HDD Doctor infects new computers. Many Trojans are documented to create imitation Windows errors that request that you install this rogue defragmenter. After HDD Doctor is installed by the Trojan, the rogue defragmenter will add entries to the registry to allow HDD Doctor to run during startup. You'll find that HDD Doctor's trying to run scans every time you boot up, even if there shouldn't be anything wrong with your system.

You may also see HDD Doctor marketed under the name of HDDoctor, which is the same program under a minor name variant.

Why This Doctor Shouldn't Patch Your PC Up

HDD Doctor is the last thing you want to try to 'fix' your computer, since HDD Doctor's scans return consistently poor and inaccurate results. Some users have also reported that HDD Doctor changes browser settings, which can put you in peril of exposure to dangerous websites. Most obviously, HDD Doctor will show error messages like this with no regard for their accuracy:

Serious system error
The system will reboot in 30 seconds
Windows can not continue operating due to fatal system error.
Windows was forced to restart.
All unsaved data will be lost.

HDD doctor detected an error on your hard drive when trying to access a file
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Perform data recovery now?

Disk Error
Can not find file: C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
File may be deleted or corrupt.
It is strongly recommended to check the disk for errors.

Your hard drive contains a lot of critical errors!
All your data including installed programs, documents, email, etc. are at risk of irreversible corrupt.
The trial version does not have low-level access module needed to fix the errors found.
It is strongly recommended to activate the full version software with necessary modules. Activate full version now?

These errors will continue to appear until you delete HDD Doctor. Any HDD Doctor removal attempts should be accompanied by detecting and removing Trojans and other infections linked to HDD Doctor, or the entire cleaning process may be rendered null and void.

If you've tried to purchase HDD Doctor to fix your computer, contact your credit company. It's extremely likely that the criminals behind HDD Doctor will abuse your credit card number, and you gain no benefit by leaving this malware on your machine.

Additional Information on HDD Doctor

  • The following messages's were detected:
    # Message
    1 The system disk contains a large number of critical errors.
    Windows could not fix most of them.
    You can install install trial version of the third party software "HDD doctor" to fix found bugs. Install "HDD Doctor" now?
    2 The system will reboot in xxx seconds
    Windows can not continue operating due to fatal system error.
    Windows was forced to restart.
    All unsaved data will be lost.
    3 Can not find : xxxx
    File may be deleted or corrupt.
    Is is strongly recommanded to scan the disk for errors.

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  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for the article! My computer was recently infected with this and I was pretty much desperate. I have a question, though.

    I was able to perform the first two steps to remove it but come the third step, where do I search for these files? I've tried accessing my documents and searching there, but the window ends up closing itself before the search can complete every single time.

    Sorry, I'm kind of computer illiterate.

  • Anthony says:

    I have HDDoctor... when I log on to my pc ( on a different one now) it pops up telling me I have errors with my hard drive ... I cannot perform any scans as after a few seconds the computer shutsdown saying that windows as encountereda fatatl error .... ctrl alt delete does not work.. I basicly have not pc function at all is there someyhong I can do ? I have also tried system restore but did not work THANKS !

  • Stefan says:

    I caught this virus on 27 Dec 2010 using windows XP. Unfortunately PC-cillion did not prevent infection. When I installed Malwarebytes it found and removed the virus but my operating system was damaged in the process. My laptop now continuously reboots every 60 seconds and is unrecoverable. I will have to have to format and reimage the machine. I remind everyone who encounters this to make a back-up before attempting to remove this very destructive malware. Specifically the removal process damaged the partitioning and the hard drive is corrupted requiring a complete format.

  • Pat says:

    All the HDD Doctor removal sites have easy-to-complicated instructions if removed manually or require the purchase of removal software. All I did was a System Restore and everything is fine. Why make the removal process so complicated?

  • Jeff says:

    I'm with Pat above, I picked a retore point far enough back so I knew the symptoms were not there and everythin g seems to be working fine. Local computer shop wanted to replace the HD for a total of 350. I ate the 50 dollar diagnosis and poked around on my own---so far glad I did

  • B.T.L. says:

    On my system the task manager was disabled so the program could not be stopped but I found that the program name could be changed and when the system was rebooted the .exe record could then be deleted along with all the associated records and registry records.

    Several virus checks were needed to completely clear the system of trogen records etc.

    It is probably best to disconnect the computer from the internet while these procedures are being carried out.