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Unknown Win32/Trojan

Posted: October 7, 2010

Unknown Win32/Trojan is a bogus threat which appears in the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. Do not fall for the trickery Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert uses to convince unwary computer users that their system is infected with Unknown Win32/Trojan. Remove all threats from your PC using a reliable malware remover.


  • ann says:

    My computer has had an unknown win 32/trojan. I did follow all the instructions, but I failed due to the pop up \\\" Potential threat details\\\" shown up whenever I run any anti-virus software. I couldn\\\'t open Task Manager, access to the internet and even open my mircosoft outlook to get my friend\\\'s address.
    Please help me and thanks a lot.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    Guys, I was struck by the Unknown Win32/Trojan with the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Pop-up. All you have to do to remove that bad boy Trojan Horse is restar you computer in a Save Mode (hit the key F8 several times while computer is booting) and then look into you hard drive as follows: C:\Documents & Settings\"owner's name"\Application Data\Microsoft
    Of coarse, once you are in Microsoft folder, look for application khaly.exe and immediately delete it. If you computer does not allows you to deleted, try to rename it with a different extension just like khaly.doc or khaly.doc or any other extension name and then try to delete it again.
    If that procedure does not work, reboot again your computer and stat it in a normal mode. Go to C:\Documents & Settings\"owner's name"\Application Data\Microsoft again and try to remove it again -- it should work.

    Thanks Ricardo

  • Ralph says:

    It worked the second time I rebooted after changing the name of the file. Thanks

  • Juan says:

    I have already run the virus. I mean I click on the window to "clean computer" and "apply actions" and i cannot found the file. I am using windows vista. How an I remove it in this case?

  • Juan says:

    Hello, I have already run the virus. i clicked on "clean computer" and "apply actions" and I cannot find that file khaly.exe. Besides |I am woring with windoes vista. What can i do?