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ViewPoint Media Player

Posted: March 28, 2006

ViewPoint Media Player is a legitimate plug-in application that has had it's privacy policy recently changed. The change in ViewPoint Media Player's privacy policy verifies that ViewPoint Media Player or the Viewpoint Manager collects personal data or use spyware to sell personal information.

The ViewPoint Media Player publishers privacy policy reads as follows concluding that it is a legitimate program:

"AT NO TIME WHATSOEVER does the Viewpoint Media Player or the Viewpoint Manager collect ANY personal data about you or your usage patterns, nor do we install third-party software or access information on your hard drive. The auto-update process happens totally anonymously and happens solely to ensure that your player is up-to-date. Since we do not collect personal data, there is no way as in the case of "spyware" to "traffic" or sell your personal information. We as a company find spy ware to be reprehensible and we are committed to protecting the privacy of all of our users."

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 AxMetaStream.dll
    2 ComponentMgr.dll
    3 JpegReader.dll
    4 MetaStreamID.ini
    5 Mts3Reader.dll
    6 MtsAxInstaller.exe
    7 npViewpoint.dll
    8 npViewpoint.xpt
    9 SceneComponent.dll
    10 SreeDMMX.dll
    11 SWFView.dll
    12 WaveletReader.dll