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Browser Plugins are applications that may perform malicious tasks on your browser. Browser Plugins may have an ability to change banner advertisements of the website you are viewing, change your Home page or Search page. Once, a Browser Plugin infects your system, it may start tracking your Internet surfing patterns and may start delivering advertisements according to that information. Browser Plugins may be difficult to remove because they are identified as a part of a browser.

Is Your PC Infected with Browser Plugins?

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There are currently 43 browser plugins program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Alibaba Toolbar March 28, 2006
Anquiro March 28, 2006
BlowSearch March 28, 2006
Bocai Toolbar March 28, 2006
ClientMan.bho1 March 28, 2006
ClientMan.bho2 March 28, 2006
Comet Cursor March 28, 2006
Cram Toolbar March 28, 2006
DialerActiveX March 28, 2006
Dynamic Desktop Media March 28, 2006
EasyBar March 28, 2006
EKLENTI July 4, 2013
ezCyberSearch March 28, 2006
EZToolbar March 28, 2006
Fastseeker March 28, 2006
Freemediaplayer.tv March 4, 2015
GonnaSearch March 28, 2006
Hmtoolbar March 28, 2006
IEMenuExt March 28, 2006
iSearch.DesktopSearch April 28, 2006
JustFindIt March 28, 2006
Linkury Smartbar March 7, 2013
LNKR May 7, 2020
Locator March 28, 2006
Masterbar March 28, 2006
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