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Ads by Name

Posted: April 3, 2015

Threat Metric

Ranking: 12,425
Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 4,003
First Seen: April 3, 2015
Last Seen: October 10, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Ads by Name is an adware product that may modify the Web pages loaded by your browser so that Ads by Name can deliver additional advertisements. Like similar adware, Ads by Name may harm the overall performance of a browser, or even expose you to threatening advertisement content unintentionally. Ordinary circumstances call for deleting Ads by Name with a dedicated anti-adware application. However, as with other non-threatening PUPs, malware experts allow PC users to make their personal judgments about the cost to benefit ratio of the installed add-on.

The Ads by Whatever Name They Please

Ads by Name uses the same template as previous browser-based adware products, such as Ads by Info, Ads by VidX, Fassurun, Browsebit or Ads By FocusBase. Instead of generating advertisements as separate pop-ups, Ads by Name may modify the contents of your Web browser while you surf the Web. Web pages may suffer injections of additional scripts for loading Ads by Name's advertisements, which may include advertisements tagged as being from multiple sources besides Ads by Name.

The average content of an Ads by Name advertisement may use a graphical banner, and may promote freemium games, online financial services or other Web-based products. In some cases, malware experts also saw Ads by Name's advertisements failing to load properly, which may generate blank boxes in place of any advertisement content. Ads by Name advertisements may make heavy use of scripts, such as Flash, that may be a source of attacks against your PC by third parties.

Ads by Name also may promote lightquartrate.com, a search site with an extensive reputation for being a beneficiary of adware-based browser hijackings.

Removing the Adware with No Name

Since its advertisements may use multiple identification tags, Ads by Name may be slightly harder to identify than previous adware. Ads by Name also may affect more than one Web browser; so far, malware experts verified Ads by Name's compatibility with Chrome and Firefox. Ads by Name is a Potentially Unwanted Program with limited positive features and a high rate of causing a quality of life disruption for its users. As a result, uninstalling Ads by Name is the response most PC users should consider for this adware.

Despite that conclusion, a manual removal of Ads by Name may cause an incomplete deletion that doesn't reverse all of its advertisement-based settings changes. Restoring your browser to its default state, including the purging of any advertisements and performance issues, can be done most efficiently by dedicated anti-adware products. Similarly, those same products are capable of detecting Ads by Name installers before its installation.

Malware experts found most Ads by Name installers to use non-consensual delivery methods that could disguise the nature of this adware until its advertisements are loading in your browser.