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Posted: August 16, 2013

Ad.turn.com is a malicious advertising site that displays phishing attacks in the form of fake sponsorships, prize giveaways, coupon offers, etc. Malware researchers also have associated Ad.turn.com with spam attacks and, in particular, browser hijackers that will redirect a compromised browser to Ad.turn.com from unrelated websites. Since Ad.turn.com includes malicious content and the browser-hijacking attacks responsible for promoting Ad.turn.com are security hazards, you should use anti-malware software to scan your PC after any contact with Ad.turn.com, including repeated redirects to Ad.turn.com. Prolonged exposure to Ad.turn.com or related attacks often will coincide with a reduced state of PC security that may allow criminals to steal confidential information or cause other harm to your computer.

Ad.turn.com: When Advertisements Attack (Your Browser)

Judged by its external appearance, Ad.turn.com may look like any other advertising network website, but the content hosted by Ad.turn.com has turned out to be substantially less safe than a typical online advertisement. Ad.turn.com's 'advertisements' consist in large part of disguised phishing attacks that steal confidential information through misleading offers, as well as fake software updates that install malware and similar PC threats. Contact with Ad.turn.com in any form whatsoever can, therefore, be said to be unsafe for your computer, and anti-malware scans usually should follow such incidents even if you haven't interacted with Ad.turn.com's advertisements in any meaningful way.

Ad.turn.com appears to acquire the majority of its traffic through browser hijackers: online threat that redirects your Web browser automatically. Ad.turn.com browser hijackers have shown compatibility for multiple browsers, and currently utilize redirects that are based on hijacking Facebook loading requests and default homepages. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers also stress another important, albeit non-obvious facet of these attacks: that they often include attacks that reduce your browser's security settings, which place it in danger of being compromised by malicious attacks like those launched through Ad.turn.com.

Turning Your Browser Away from Ad.turn.com

Browser hijackers associated with Ad.turn.com attacks usually are installed without your permission and are not associated with any visible application that could be removed – rather, they usually are just one component of a concealed Trojan a la Zlob or Sirefef. SpywareRemove.com malware experts also have taken note of poor detection rates for Ad.turn.com browser hijackers among outdated anti-malware programs. While you should feel free to use anti-malware tools to delete PC threats related to Ad.turn.com, you also may want to be particularly stringent about updating your security software to give it the best possible chance of detecting an Ad.turn.com browser hijacker.

It also should be kept in mind that Ad.turn.com redirects usually are related to attacks that may endanger your Web-browsing security in a passive sense. Contact with sites like Ad.turn.com may result in additional infections even if you make no effort to interact with them whatsoever. As per previous examinations of Ad.turn.com's content by SpywareRemove.com malware analysts, you also should be particularly cautious about the possibility for third-party affiliates of Ad.turn.com stealing personal information (through fake quizzes, surveys, and similar online forms).

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