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Backup Ransomware

Posted: March 24, 2021

The Backup Ransomware is a file-encryption Trojan that is being delivered to potential victims with the use of corrupted emails, deceptive advertisements, fake downloads and pirated content. If the Backup Ransomware manages to reach your computer without being stopped by anti-virus software, it may end up causing damage to your files. The Backup Ransomware encrypts documents, images, videos, databases, archives and many other files. Users will be able to recognize the damaged data because of the extension '.[unlockdata@criptext.com][<VICTIM ID>].Backup' to the original filename.

Unfortunately, victims of the Backup Ransomware may be unable to use a free decryption tool because this file-locker is impossible to decipher at the moment. The Backup Ransomware uses the same file-locking mechanism as the VoidCrypt Ransomware, which has been causing problems for users for over a year.

Of course, the authors of the Backup Ransomware are after the money of their victims, and they offer to provide a decryption service in exchange for a Bitcoin payment. Their full message is stored under the document 'Decrypt-me.txt' – it advises the victim to send messages to unlockdata@criptext.com or unlockdata@rape.lol, as well as to attach the file 'prvkey3.txt.key' to the email. The criminals claim to offer free decryption for a few small files, so we advise you to take advantage of this offer.

You should never agree to pay money to ransomware creators because there is a very minimal chance that they will fulfill their promises. Many victims of ransomware attacks have ended up being tricked after agreeing to co-operate with the criminals. If the Backup Ransomware has damaged your files, we advise you to run an anti-virus scanner to remove the threat, and then try out popular data recovery options.

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