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Celebrities by inMind Ads

Posted: October 7, 2015

If you are a fan of the celebrities and keep an eye on their life events, you may be tempted to install an add-on called 'Celebrities' by inMind. This tool promises to offer you the latest news so that you never miss anything important. However, you should know that this extension serves as adware, and may have a negative impact on your web clients. In addition to sponsored links that may lead to sites devoted to the celebrities, this add-on may include various ads that may load shopping sites. This process is very beneficial for inMind, which is the developer of Celebrities. This company gets referral commissions for bringing you to the e-commerce platforms of its partners. On the other side, the owners of the promoted sites gain visitors, to whom they may attempt to sell some products. Unfortunately, the client is often on the 'losing' side of this whole enterprise. The ads that Celebrities inserts may be pretty annoying since you may find them in the majority of sites. The commercial materials may come in various formats. Some of the most noticeable tend to be eye-catching banners and pop-ups, as well as videos that may start automatically. The ads may be relevant to your interests because the adware may access your surfing history, and adjusts them accordingly. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to click on them for the sake of keeping your PC clean. The existence of such a large quantity of additional commercial materials may disrupt the functionality of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Adware extensions may be hard to remove, so you should use an advanced security tool.

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