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Cleaner Pro

Posted: June 7, 2016

Cleaner Pro is not the proper software solution if you experience problems with the performance of your Operating System (OS). Cleaner Pro is a fake optimizer that cannot achieve the promised features. The developers of this dubious application may try to charge you a fee for upgrading to the paid version, which is equally inefficient as the free one. Moreover, Cleaner Pro may cause some minor functionality errors to make you assume you need its help. The experts categorize this highly suspicious application as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Although the official page of Cleaner Pro lacks any accreditation or certificates, some PC users may download this fake optimizer from there. Cleaner Pro also may find its way to your system hidden in the installers of third-party freeware. This approach, which is called bundling, is used prevailingly for the distribution of highly questionable programs that the users will otherwise avoid. You should use the 'Advanced' menu to uncheck these components before they may cause changes to your system. In theory, Cleaner Pro should eradicate useless junk files, fix broken Registry entries, delete temporary Internet files, optimize start-up processes and repair any system vulnerabilities. The developers of Cleaner Pro also claim that it can maintain the privacy of your personal conversations conducted on Skype and other similar chat clients. As it turns out, Cleaner Pro can accomplish none of these features. The unreliable software shows fabricated scans to worry you about the state of your system. As soon as Cleaner Pro enters, you may be bothered by notifications, according to which there are more than a thousand errors that require immediate fixing. Once you click on the green button that is supposed to resolve the issues, you will be transferred to a Web page. It will ask you to buy the full license. The specialists don't encourage you to do it because Cleaner Pro cannot assist you in any way. Until you uninstall Cleaner Pro, you may encounter the fake scan results all the time. The best way to delete this fake optimization tool is to use dedicated security utility.

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