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Posted: December 9, 2015

Computerhelper.site is not a Web page that can help you with the security of your PC. This platform may be fraudulent because it may display pop-ups that deceive the visitor deliberately According to the fake alerts, the PC user's system is infected. The issue will supposedly lead to performance problems or loss of crucial information like account passwords or photos. The purpose of the misleading warnings is to make the scared person call a specific phone number for assistance. Computerhelper.site claims that by dialing (888) 220-1478 you will reach qualified technicians, who will fix your PC. The cyber security specialists advise not to call this number because the people on the other side of the phone are con artists. Their actual goal is not to assist you but to take your money. There are two ways for them to achieve their evil plan. First, they may ask you for a large commission while offering nothing back. This way the user may pay them voluntarily without feeling it is a hoax. However, some people may be reluctant to pay. In this case, the culprits may demand remote access and install real threatening applications. In turn, the new parasites may monitor the users' activities and collect their banking credentials. An important part of the harmful plan of the culprits is to attract visitors to computerhelper.site. The con artists have developed a browser hijacker that may cause automatic redirections to the fraudulent site. It also may make computerhelper.site the homepage of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. These tools may be included in software bundles, so you should always check the details to keep them away. Once the harmful add-on attaches to your browsers, it may be hard to disable it manually, so you should do it with credible security software.

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