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'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware

Posted: March 19, 2019

The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware is a file-locking Trojan from the Crysis Ransomware's family, a Ransomware-as-a-Service business. The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware can block your digital media (such as documents) by encrypting it and asks for a ransom for the unlocking solution. The users can protect themselves by avoiding questionable e-mails, using strong passwords, backing up their files, and keeping anti-malware products ready for removing the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware immediately.

This Trojan's Making Your Files 'a Zero'

The RaaS industry is hard at work collecting criminal clients that add their personal preferences to infections, such as changing extensions and communication channels while locking the files of innocent PC users. The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware is one of many new versions of the Crysis Ransomware's Ransomware-as-a-Service and has sufficiently few changes that most security solutions can identify it. There remains no free decryptor readily available, however, and anyone without a backup may have no way of restoring the data that the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware takes hostage.

The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware's family uses both AES and RSA encryption for securing your files by 'locking' them, which is a feature that targets media like text documents or images preferentially. The threat actor that's deploying this version of the Crysis Ransomware group is using the 'azero' extension on any blocked files, along with new e-mail addresses for the ransoming process that use the free Cock.li service. The former choice has no distinct connection with any infection strategies or an overall theme, although malware experts note some etymological connections to an Italian term for residents of Azerbaijan.

The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware's executable is calling itself, simply, 'payload,' and could be being dropped by threat actors who are brute-forcing into a server's admin account. A secondary method of distribution is spam e-mails, which could be disguising the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware's installer or the Trojan dropper for it as a financial or business document. Unfortunately rolling back to a pre-established backup continues being the only, perfect cure for recovering files from the 2019 branches of the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware's family, which includes other iterations like the .frendi Ransomware, the 'trupm@protonmail.com' Ransomware, the 'backdata@qq.com' Ransomware and the 'korvin0amber@cock.li' Ransomware.

Stopping a Crisis with a New Name

The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware takes effective measures against erasing local, Windows-standardized backups, and may affect local network-accessible drives, as well. Consequentially, the users should store their backups on detachable devices or cloud services with extra protection from any non-consensual access. Most security solutions can detect members of this family automatically, and the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware shows no inclinations of different obfuscation or other, stealth-related features that would make it any more capable of avoiding a traditional anti-malware service.

Examples of possible infection exploits for the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware and its frequent relatives include PDFs or Word DOCs with embedded vulnerabilities (with macros being notably commonplace), misnamed torrents, and manual installations after a criminal's guessing a server's non-secure login. Updating software, abiding by safe downloading habits and having complex passwords will help with many of these weak points. As per usual, anti-malware programs should remove the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware in most circumstances preemptively, assuming that the threat actor doesn't disable them during an attack.

The 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware is one offspring of one of the largest families of the Ransomware-as-a-Service industry. The best thing users can do for stopping this illicit business model is taking care of their files and network security, which guarantees that the 'cryptor55@cock.li' Ransomware's profits will be less than its threat actor hopes.

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