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Dark Crystal RAT

Posted: May 13, 2020

The Dark Crystal RAT, also known as DCRat, is a Remote Access Trojan that was sold by cybercriminals via the Web page found at hxxp://dcrat.r previously. It seems that the page has been taken down, and it is now replaced by some Russian profanities, but it is very likely that the Dark Crystal RAT is still an active threat that is being spread around via hacking forums and peer-to-peer sharing platforms. Thankfully, it is identified by modern anti-malware software easily, and you should not worry about its attacks if you have invested in an up-to-date and reputable anti-virus solution. Cybercriminals who had access to the website could opt to purchase the primary package of the Dark Crystal RAT and then invest in some of the additional modules that the author offered – infostealers, more advanced keyloggers, different data exfiltration methods and more.

The Dark Crystal RAT can be Used by Anyone Willing to Pay a Certain Price

Commodity malware tends to be a very profitable venture for malware developers since it allows them to monetize their product easily without having to find victims and commit crimes – instead, they let someone deal with these difficulties. The Dark Crystal RAT is not high-priced, so it is safe to assume that many cyber crooks will opt to use it in their future attack. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your system is protected sufficiently.

Often, products like this one are relatively simple when it comes to functionality, but the Dark Crystal RAT appears to include a wide range of features and modules that will enable its operator to take full control over the infected computer. Some Dark Crystal RAT's primary abilities allow it to:

  • Execute remote commands.
  • Command all active infected hosts to initialize a UDP/TCP flood attack against a selected IP address.
  • Manage the file system.
  • Log keystrokes in real-time.
  • Compile and execute C# code.
  • Open a message box for the victim to see.
  • Move files from the control server to the victim's machine, or vice versa.
  • Use the Web camera and microphone.
  • Collect cookies from Web browsers.
  • Initialize a remote control connection.
  • Manage running processes.
  • Collect the clipboard data.
  • Open URLs using the victim's default Web browser.
  • Use a wide range of annoying tricks such as closing windows, opening the CD-ROM tray, restarting the machine and more.

Since the Dark Crystal RAT may be used by anyone willing to pay the price, it is best to assume that it may be spread via online content such as email attachments, fake downloads, social media tactics, pirated games, software activators, etc. To stay safe, you should avoid suspicious files and invest in a top-of-the-shelf anti-malware software suite.

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