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Ekvf Ransomware

Posted: March 25, 2021

The Ekvf Ransomware is a threat that is being spread online via fake downloads, misleading advertisements, pirated games/software and other suspicious files. The best way to make sure that the Ekvf Ransomware will never get to your system is to use an up-to-date anti-virus tool to protect your data. Users who have not taken the necessary precautions to protect their computers may fall victim to Ekvf Ransomware's attack unknowingly and, unfortunately, this may have terrible consequences for their files.

Just like other ransomware threats, this one is also designed to encrypt the victims' important files and then extort them for a ransom payment. The ransomware goes after a wide range of file formats, and it uses the '.ekvf' extension to mark locked files. The ransom note is delivered via the file '_readme.txt.' Cybersecurity experts note that the Ekvf Ransomware is identical to the STOP Ransomware, and it is safe to assume that it is a variation of the infamous ransomware family. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing – the STOP Ransomware uses an encryption routine that cannot be deciphered for free, and this new variant is not any different.

The ransom note of the Ekvf Ransomware instructs victims to send $490 worth of Bitcoin to the wallet of the attackers and to contact helpteam@mail.ch or helpmanager@airmail.cc for additional information. The criminals also offer to unlock one file for free to prove that their decryption tool works. Last but not least, they warn the victim that the fee should be paid as soon as possible – failure to comply within 72 hours will result in the ransom fee being doubled to $980.

If the Ekvf Ransomware has taken your data hostage, you should ignore the offer of the criminals. Instead, run an anti-virus tool to terminate the Ekvf Ransomware, and then look for reputable data recovery software and techniques.

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