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'Error #365838f52de30' Pop-Ups

Posted: November 30, 2016

The 'Error #365838f52de30' pop-ups are corrupted Web browser messages that are designed to look as if they are 100% legitimate. The goal of these pop-ups is to scare users into thinking that their computers have been infected with threats and their files, passwords, and other sensitive data may be exposed to cyber crooks. However, what the pop-ups don't want you to know is that their purpose is not to help you. They want to convince you to get help from a specific team of computer technicians who are, in fact, part of a technical support tactic that aims to collect money from innocent users. Unfortunately, these tactics are quite common nowadays, and the 'Error #365838f52de30' pop-ups are just one of the many tools that these people might use to gain the trust and attention of gullible users.

One type of the 'Error #365838f52de30' pop-ups offers readers to call 855-999-9246 to get in touch with reputable computer technicians who'll help them remove any viruses from their computers, and restore their computers' normal operational state. The pop-up is also accompanied by a background image that imitates a Blue Screen of Death, and its purpose is likely to be to scare users even more and convince them to call 855-999-9246 as soon as possible. However, we assure you that calling this number will not bring you the services of reputable computer experts, nor will it help you solve any computer issues. This is where we must mention that it is likely that the 'Error #365838f52de30' pop-ups are the only issue with your computer, and getting rid of them should be your top priority. One interesting is that the phone number promoted in these pop-ups is also seen in the 'Security Error: 0x80070643' Pop-Ups, which may be part of the same tactic.

Opting to call 855-999-9246 will not lead to anything good because the con artists will use all kind of tricks to convince you to pay hundreds of dollars in exchange for computer software or technical support services. The problem is that the stuff they try to sell is neither reputable nor reliable, and you should never agree to pay for services or software promoted via 'the Error #365838f52de30' pop-ups or similar messages. Instead, pages that host such content should be avoided at all costs since their primary purpose is to display fake information, and trick users into spending their hard-earned money on fake services.