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‘FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei’ Ransomware

Posted: July 29, 2013

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs: 27
First Seen: July 29, 2013
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware is a Police Ransomware Trojan that generates fake legal alerts for residents of Switzerland. Despite its attacks targeting such a specific country, the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware is identical to similar Police Ransomware Trojans SpywareRemove.com malware experts previously analyzed for other countries, such as Canada, the US, Britain and Australia. The 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's alerts also are associated with software-blocking attacks that will prevent you from using most Windows programs, and, as a result, the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware should be treated as a direct danger to your computer. You never should feel any hesitation about using anti-malware techniques and software to remove the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware, which isn't a legal program and displays legal alerts that always are erroneous – or, at best, accurate only by sheer coincidence.

The 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's Questionable Track Record at Snatching Criminals

The 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware is a new example of a fake Police Trojan to target its attacks at a specific nation – in this case, Switzerland – while not varying most of its other details from previous templates of fake Police Trojans. While the language of its legal warning message has been switched to German and the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware includes several visual cues related to Switzerland, such as referencing its national police in its header, the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware otherwise is identical to previous PC threats from its family. The most dominant symptom of a 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware attack, shared with its numerous kin, is its pop-up alert – a borderless browser window that warns that your PC has been locked because of embarrassing or common crimes like downloading copyright-protected content or viewing pornography.

As always in ransomware-related attacks, SpywareRemove.com malware experts emphasize that the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware is not an actual utility of your regional law enforcement organziation and doesn't have any kind of government authorization to lock your computer. The 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's alerts are displayed automatically on any PC that the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware can infect, and you never should assume that the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware actually is capable of tracking online crimes.

This particular form of digital fraud is quite old and has been thoroughly distributed throughout many regions besides Switzerland. Some examples of the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's multi-ethnic relatives include the 'Comandancia General de Policía' Ransomware, the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware, the 'Arma dei Carabinieri' Ransomware, the 'Dansk Rigspolitiet' Ransomware, the 'Canadian Association Of Chiefs Of Police' Virus, the 'Ministry of Public Safety New Zealand' Virus and the 'Služba Kriminální Policie a Vyšetřování’ Ransomware.

Enforcing Your Own Law Against the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's Lockdown

There are two primary risks at work in a 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware attack: firstly, the risk of being tricked into paying the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's illegal ransom, and secondly, the overall poor security that results from the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware locking your computer and blocking your programs indiscriminately. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers note that there's no need to pay the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's fee to unlock your computer, as well as that standardized anti-malware strategies (such as booting your PC into Safe Mode, to the Command Prompt or through any USB drive) can be used to disable the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware's software lockdown.

As soon as the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware has been prevented from locking your computer, anti-malware tools should be employed to delete the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware safely. Similar security software also can be relied on whenever you're at risk for being exposed to the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware infections – such as through contact with malicious spam attachments or websites hosting drive-by-download attackers like the Blackhole Exploit Kit.

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