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'.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware

Posted: August 27, 2018

The '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware is a variant of the Jigsaw Ransomware, a file-locker Trojan that collects ransom money after encrypting the victim's media. Members of the Jigsaw Ransomware family also are equipped with data-deleting features that can trigger under different circumstances, and users should be cautious about rebooting their computers without additional security measures. Victims should let their anti-malware programs uninstall the '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware from their computers and use the data recovery advice in this article.

A Ghostly Puzzle for the Unwary to Solve

One of the most disreputable examples of a file-locking Trojan, the Jigsaw Ransomware, is acquiring new variants steadily, due to a variety of interested third parties who had little to nothing to do with its original programming. The '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware, only one of many versions of the program that malware experts see this year, is using the disguise of being a part of Windows for maintaining its cover. However, in the meantime, it's not only encrypting your media but also wiping it.

The '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware, like its cousins, such as the dzikusssT3AM Ransomware, the Tedcrypt Ransomware, the '.black007 File Extension' Ransomware, the StrutterGear Ransomware, or the Verrouille Ransomware, uses the AES encryption. This encryption algorithm locks different media formats, especially (but not exclusively), those that are related to the Microsoft's Office applications, such as Word. The '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware also appends the extension in its name before loading up its HTA pop-up.

Although malware experts have no current data on the ransoming demands of the '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware's author, most versions of the Jigsaw Ransomware ask for Bitcoin payments for the decryptor that unlocks the files. The timer that its pop-up window shows is one of two triggers for an extra, file-erasing feature that's common to all members of this family, with a system restart triggering the second prerequisite (by re-launching the Trojan automatically).

A Chaste Dismissal for a Vulgar Trojan

Because every system reboot results in one thousand new, lost files potentially, victims of the '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware infections should refrain from rebooting until they do so with steps in place for keeping the Trojan from opening. The Safe Mode feature can stop an unwanted program from running during the Windows startup sequence. Otherwise, users may boot up from another device, such as a recovery USB.

The '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware is in development, and malware researchers are seeing no verifiable victims, either in the general public or private industries. However, its future campaigning is likely of using e-mail or RDP-based attacks for compromising the PC's security, at first. Have your anti-malware programs examine any new downloads before opening them for deleting the '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware on sight, use secure login credentials and recover your media from a preexisting backup or with the freeware decryption service at Bleeping Computer.

The '.FuckedByGhost File Extension' Ransomware is just as frightening as any file-locking Trojan but adds the extra danger of possible deletion on top of its encryption. As long as this threat, and its countless relatives, remain circulating, even a real and free decryption application isn't a silver bullet for saving your files.

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