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Gopher Ransomware

Posted: March 16, 2021

File-lockers are a major threat for users who spend a lot of time on the Internet. Malware of this type is designed to lock users out of their files and then offer to unlock them if the victim agrees to pay a hefty ransom fee. The creators of the Gopher Ransomware are using this exact strategy. This ransomware may be propagated online with the use of fake downloads, misleading advertisements/promises, pirated media or software, and other shady content. If you somehow end up downloading and running the Gopher Ransomware, you may lose access to your important files such as documents, videos, images, archives, databases, and more. All files that the Gopher Ransomware damages will have their name changed to include the '.gopher' extension.

Typically, the ransom messages of the criminals are delivered through an HTML, TXT, or HTA file. The authors of the Gopher Ransomware, however, do this through an executable file called 'Restore Your Files.exe.' When it is opened, it displays a command prompt window asking the victim to enter a decryption key. It also tells them to pay a ransom fee of $400 via Bitcoin and then send a message to manager@outlookpro.net for assistance.

The offer of the criminals is unacceptable, and you should not consider it. Instead, the recommended course of action is to run an antivirus scanner to eliminate the Gopher Ransomware and then experiment with popular data recovery options and software.

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