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HENRI IV Ransomware

Posted: April 1, 2021

Having to deal with the attack of the HENRI IV Ransomware is guaranteed to be a terrible experience because of this file locker's ability to cause long-term damage to files. The goal of HENRI IV Ransomware's creators is to make sure that their threatening application can encrypt the data found on the victim's hard drive and then promise to provide them with a decryptor in exchange for money. Just like other ransomware operators, the ones behind the HENRI IV Ransomware also ask to be paid via cryptocurrency since this method is anonymous.

The HENRI IV Ransomware is based on the Paradise Ransomware project, but this is not good news – both of these threats are impossible to crack, and recovering the damaged files will be very difficult. The files that the HENRI IV Ransomware locks are marked with the extension '[id-<VICTIM ID>].[fuckparadise@heniiv.com].malwarehenri.'

The HENRI IV Ransomware also drops the message '#DECRYPT MY FILES#.html' on the desktop. This file contains a ransom note from the criminals who state their demands. They ask for payment via Bitcoin, and to be reached via the email fuckparadise@heniiv.com.

Trusting the people who just took your files hostage is not a good idea. Even if you fulfill their demands, they may try to trick you or to extort you for money. Victims of the HENRI IV Ransomware need to run an anti-virus scanner to eliminate the threatening software and then try to restore files from a backup or experiment with other data recovery software.