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iMusic Start

Posted: January 24, 2017

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 8/10
Infected PCs: 145
First Seen: January 24, 2017
Last Seen: June 16, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

iMusic Start is a Web browser extension that can be downloaded from its publisher's website at www.ienjoyapps.com. The website hosts several other browser extensions that are promoted as useful utilities that can enhance the users' Web browsing experience by providing them with unlimited access to specific content such as videos, music, sports news, etc. The ienjoyapps.com page even offers an extension that is meant to keep the user's searches private by redirecting them to a 3rd-party search service. However, just like iPrivate Multi Search and iMedia Start, iMusic Start is also classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), whose installation may lead to undesired changes to the Web browser settings. Currently, all browser extensions found on ienjoyapps.com are only compatible with Google Chrome, and users of other Web browsers will not be affected by the annoying changes these PUPs may bring to their Web browser's settings.

The iMusic Start extension is promoted as a utility that can provide users with access to quick music searches and downloads, as well as music videos. However, the iMusic Start program will not do this by installing a 3rd-party application on your computer. Instead, it will drop a Web browser extension under the name 'iMusic Start,' which will change only one thing – your default new tab page. Once iMusic Start is installed, you'll see a search engine associated with it whenever you open a new tab. Apart from the search feature, the newly introduced page also may include quick links to some audio streaming websites and online audio libraries. However, it is not likely that you'll find any popular free music to download since it would be illegal to spread pirated content through iMusic Start.

Having the iMusic Start software installed on your computer is not harmful, but you should not forget that many anti-malware vendors have classified this piece of software as a Potentially Unwanted Program. This means that some users might not desire its presence, and they are advised to take the necessary action to remove iMusic Start's files from their computers. Since it is not a threatening application, manual removal should work in most situations, and users can complete this operation by uninstalling 'iMusic Start' from the Chrome extension manager. Please note that the iMusic Start extension may sometimes be installed as SEARCH BY IMUSIC or IMUSIC SEARCH PLUS. If manual removal does not deliver the expected results, then a popular computer security application should be able to identify and remove the iMusic Start PUP.