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Posted: June 9, 2014

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 8/10
Infected PCs: 40
First Seen: June 9, 2014
Last Seen: October 31, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

InstalleRex-WebPick is a software installation utility with a reputation for installing unwanted software, or PUPs. These unwanted programs may include advertising add-ons, search-hijacking toolbars or other additions to your browser that, overall, have zero advantages compared to their many drawbacks. For the safety of your Web-browsing experience, malware researchers discourage installing any InstalleRex-WebPick software, which you should delete through anti-adware scanners or other, relevant security tools after the fact.

The Financial T-Rex Nibbling on Your Browser

InstalleRex-WebPick is a pay-per-install application. Although there's no hard barrier preventing InstalleRex-WebPick from being used to install benign applications, malware experts have tied its history to adware and other unwanted add-ons. Their ranks may include:

Universally, these programs make claims of being beneficial additions to your browser. In practical terms, installing adware merely may force your browser to load new advertisements that carry no benefits for you. Although far from guaranteed to occur with each advertisement, malware experts also may find these advertisements to be favorite resources for some people to distribute prize hoaxes, fraudulent updates containing threats and similar attacks. Interactions with InstalleRex-WebPick advertisements are, therefore, undertaken at your own risk.

However, because InstalleRex-WebPick and related programs don't commit illegal or intentionally threatening acts, they are not rated as threats, such as a Trojan would be. Even so, a Potentially Unwanted Program also may endanger the safety of your browser (and the rest of your PC) that you never should ignore.

Picking Your Way out of InstalleRex-WebPick's Advertisements

By definition, uninstalling an InstalleRex-WebPick installer also requires that you uninstall its other Potentially Unwanted Programs. Since these programs have a varying nature, symptoms and side effects all are variable, but malware experts would particularly warn against trusting unusual advertisements on your browser until you delete InstalleRex-WebPick entirely. Since InstalleRex-WebPick is only a PUP, using anti-adware or anti-malware utilities from Safe Mode should be an adequate removal method, unless other PC threats interfere.
Free software websites that may distribute InstalleRex-WebPick may not always announce that fact, and, if you have any suspicious about a download, malware researchers advise you to scan the file before opening it.