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IRMA (BSA) Virus Ransomware

Posted: November 6, 2012

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 80
First Seen: November 6, 2012
OS(es) Affected: Windows

IRMA Virus Ransomware Screenshot 1IRMA (BSA) Virus is one of the newest ransomware Trojans to jump on the popular bandwagon of exploiting copyright media issues to attack random PC users. IRMA (BSA) Virus pretends to be a warning from the Information Resources Management Association, but SpywareRemove.com malware experts have confirmed IRMA (BSA) Virus's true identify as criminally-coded and fraudulent malware. The IRMA (BSA) Virus warns its victims that they're required to pay over two hundred dollars to due copyright-related violations, but this fine is illegal and never should be paid. After deactivating the IRMA (BSA) Virus's fake alert (by methods elaborated on in this article), you should remove your IRMA (BSA) Virus infection with appropriate anti-malware products that can do so without risking any harm to your PC.

IRMA (BSA) Virus: When the World's Most Common Crime is Exploited to Fulfill Another Crimina's Goals

Current analyses of IRMA (BSA) Virus have SpywareRemove.com malware experts noting its strong similarities to members of the Reveton family of ransomware Trojans, and an IRMA (BSA) Virus is likely to use similar infection vectors to Reveton-based PC threats. To block an IRMA (BSA) Virus installation, avoiding unusual web links, having strong browser-based security and keeping anti-malware software available on your PC all should be utilized in conjunction.

IRMA (BSA) Virus displays a screen-wide pop-up warning after its installation. Typical for scams of its ilk, IRMA (BSA) Virus's pop-up warns that the randomly-attacked victim has been found to be blameworthy of downloading or viewing copyrighted materials illegally. According to the IRMA (BSA) Virus, the appropriate recompense for this crime is two hundred and fifty dollars paid through MoneyPack. However, since the IRMA (BSA) Virus isn't capable of enacting any type of legal penalties against you (including its threat to send all of your personal data to a government agency), SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend that you keep your money.

Setting Fire to the IRMA (BSA) Virus's Waving Flag of Piracy

The IRMA (BSA) Virus will prevent you from using other programs while IRMA (BSA) Virus is open. Because the IRMA (BSA) Virus opens and displays its alert automatically, this may tempt you to consider paying IRMA (BSA) Virus's ransom, but SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend against this needless expenditure of money. To block IRMA (BSA) Virus's startup process, casual PC users can do either of the following:

  • Reboot Windows and tap F8 (before Windows starts to load) until the boot menu appears. From this menu, select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Launch a bootable OS from a removable USB thumb drive; many recovery OSes are designed to be stored on such devices and launch quickly.

Either technique will let you access your OS without IRMA (BSA) Virus getting in the way. Because IRMA (BSA) Virus also may make additional system changes that should be removed, you should use suitable anti-malware products to find and delete IRMA (BSA) Virus instead of attempting to use normal software removal methods.

Due to its usage of US dollars for ransom fees, IRMA (BSA) Virus attacks are most likely to target US-based computers – although SpywareRemove.com malware experts also have recorded very similar attacks in Canada and Europe.

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Technical Details

Additional Information

The following messages's were detected:
# Message
Creator of Knowledge
Information Resources Management Association
Advancing the Concepts and Practices of Information Resources Management in Modern Organization
Business Software Alliance
All activity on this computer has been recorded. If you use a webcam, all activity was saved for identification.
Your personal computer has been noticed in viewing, storing and using of forbidden and pirate software, audio and video content.
Now your PC is locked by Business Software Alliance trade group and Information Resouces Management Association.
This project was created to struggle for purity of the Internet. You are visiting, viewing and using forbidden content, sponsoring the ownsers of this content (forbidden and pirate). You are putting yourself and yoru computer at risk by using this content. Real creators of this content, who are concerned about your securiyt, are loosing billions of dollars.
Warning! Do not use pirate (forbidden) content.
How the pirate (forbidden) content can be dangerous? There are hidden procedures for tracing and transmission your personal data running with this content. Your personal data can be used for fraudulent purposes. Using, watching, saving pirate (forbidden) content you are violating at least one act of the law of our country. In the worst case, you may break up to four acts of pirate content law.
If you don’t pay the fee, all data about using or pirate (forbidden) content, your personal IP address, webcam data (if you use it) will be sent to the self-government, where your case will be considered on an individual basis and appropriate measures will be taken. How to protect yourself and don’t lock your computer again?
You have to use licensed only software, store only licensed and legal files and programs on your computer. You shouldn’t use any software for downloading audio, video and other types of pirate and forbidden content on your computer. You should avoid any registrations and publications at sites, containing pirate and forbidden content. Your computer shouldn’t be used for transmission or forbidden data. How to unlock your computer?
You should buy PaySafeCard or Ukash voucher denominated of 200 dollars. The number of code needs to be entered in the field below. After entering, check correctness of the code number and press “OK” button. Your computer will be unlocked in 1-72 hours.
Read attentively! After paying the fee!
After paying the free, this application will unlock your PC for 7 days (168 hours), and will be activated again after this term. You have this time to remove pirate (forbidden) content.
After paying the free you can get the free consultation at support@irma-international.org, send a fax to +1-253-512-8497 or get a support on the phone calling +1-202-872-5501.