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Posted: September 28, 2011

Kelihos Botnet is a widely-distributed series of backdoor Trojans that infects computers and then uses their resources to conduct other types of illegal activities, including sending spam e-mail messages and stealing private information. As of September 2011, recent legal action has forced the Kelihos Botnet to shut down but, if your PC is still infected with a Kelihos botnet-derived Trojan, it may still be in danger. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend that you try to detect and delete a Kelihos botnet Trojan with appropriate anti-malware software, since Kelihos botnet may not show symptoms of Kelihos botnet's activities and will try to conceal components.

The Kelihos Botnet – Cooling Down but Still Alive Enough to Threaten Your PC

Botnets like the Kelihos botnet consist of countless Trojans that are distributed over a wide range of infected computers, receiving instructions to act in concert for criminal purposes. Typical Kelihos botnet backdoor Trojans are capable of causing a number of different problems for you and your PC, although signs of a Kelihos Botnet attack may not be visible. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have found the following issues to be especially common in cases of Kelihos Botnet Trojan infection:

  • Loss of control over Internet security settings. This includes firewall settings and network port settings.
  • Unusual system resource usage, particularly with regards to system memory. You can monitor system resources that are used in Task Manager. Low resources that are caused by Kelihos Botnet activity may also cause poor system performance.
  • Loss of personal information, such as account login information, passwords, legal identification credentials or banking data.

The Kelihos Botnet Shutdown and What It Means for You

Legal action by Microsoft has forced the original Kelihos Botnet command servers (hosted as sub-domains of cz.cc) to shut down. However, the forty-thousand computers that have been estimated to be infected by Kelihos Botnet Trojans remain infected, and your PC may still be at risk from a Kelihos Botnet Trojan's attacks. Even if Kelihos Botnet Trojan isn't able to contact an external server to receive commands, Kelihos Botnet may still proceed with attacks that are based on default parameters.

SpywareRemove.com malware experts have found that Kelihos Botnet Trojans are especially noted for their use of spam e-mail messages to infect new computers, both with Kelihos Botnet Trojans and other forms of harmful software. You should be careful to avoid e-mail links that appear to be suspicious, even if they've been sent by a known contact – your contact's computer may have been compromised by the Kelihos Botnet before shut down occurred. Removing Kelihos Botnet Trojans, like other Trojan removal procedures, should be done with suitable anti-malware programs, as long as you have recent threat databases and access to secure system-scanning environments like as Safe Mode.

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