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Kobos Ransomware

Posted: December 17, 2020

Kobos is the name of a ransomware application designed to cause damage to the files it finds on infected systems. Threats of this sort have become the #1 hacking tool in the arsenal of cybercriminals, and, unfortunately, it may often be a very difficult task to recover from their attacks. The Kobos Ransomware appears to use a well-made file-encryption algorithm, which cannot be cracked via free utilities. This means that victims of the attack will need to use alternative file recovery software, which might not always yield satisfying results.

The Kobos Ransomware may reach users via fake downloads, pirated content, phishing email attachments, or other suspicious files. The best way to keep your system and data safe is to use a reputable anti-virus software suite, which can stop the Kobos Ransomware before it even gets a chance to cause any trouble.

If the Kobos Ransomware's attack is not preve2nted successfully, the file-locker will encrypt important documents, images, archives, databases and other files. The damaged files will have their names altered to include the unique extension '.id-<VICTIM ID>.[ArtemisDC@keemail.com].kobos.' Finally, the ransomware will drop the ransom message '## HOW TO RECOVER ##.hta' on the desktop.

It is not a surprise that the threat's authors are trying to sell a decryption tool in exchange for some Bitcoin. They ask the victim to send them a message via artemisdc@keemail.com or artemisdc@protonmail.ch. They also promise to unlock up to three files free of charge to prove that their service is reliable.

We advise victims of the Kobos Ransomware to ignore the offer of the criminals since sending Bitcoin to anonymous hackers is not a reliable solution – they may try to extort you for money or even start ignoring your messages. The best action is to prevent the Kobos Ransomware from causing more damage by removing it with an anti-virus scanner's assistance. After this, run popular data recovery tools, which may help you restore access to some of your files.