Posted: December 3, 2020

LAZPARKING Ransomware Description

The LAZPARKING Ransomware is a newly detected file-locker, which is still being studied thoroughly. For now, it is certain that the LAZPARKING Ransomware has the ability to encrypt a rich list of file types, therefore causing severe damage to the infected computer's file system. Of course, the creators of the LAZPARKING Ransomware claim to be in possession of a decryption tool, which their victims can use as soon as they agree to pay a ransom fee via Bitcoin. The attackers' full instructions are found in the file '! LAZPARKING-MESSAGE.txt', which is dropped on all computers infected by the LAZPARKING Ransomware.

The file-locker also renames locked files by adding the extension '.LAZPARKING-<RANDOM LETTERS>.' The ransom note advises victims to send a message to or It instructs them to avoid using alternative data recovery options and not contact the authorities under any circumstances. The criminals threaten to purge the victim's unique decryption key if these conditions are not met. Last but not least, the criminals behind the LAZPARKING Ransomware threaten to release some of the collected files on the Internet if the victim does not pay.

The LAZPARKING Ransomware attack can be devastating, and this is why users should take preventive measures to protect themselves from attacks of this sort. Using a reputable anti-malware software suite is mandatory, and keeping up-to-date backups of essential files also is recommended. Last but not least, remember not to interact with suspicious files, especially if they come from an unknown website, torrent tracker, or random email.

Victims of the LAZPARKING Ransomware should not agree to pay and, instead, they should aim to eliminate the LAZPARKING Ransomware by running a reputable anti-virus tool. Once the file-locker has been disposed of, they can proceed to try out popular data recovery software.

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