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LulzDecryptor Ransomware

Posted: March 31, 2021

The LulzDecryptor Ransomware is a file-locker application that carries out devastating attacks meant to prevent victims from accessing files that are likely to contain important data – documents, images, archives, videos and others. Surprisingly, the LulzDecryptor Ransomware does not rename locked files, so victims might not be able to spot the damaged files easily. As expected, the authors of the LulzDecryptor Ransomware offer to provide a decryption service in exchange for a ransom payment. They have set the price of their service to $300 via Bitcoin and threaten to increase it if the victim does not pay soon. Furthermore, they also give users a deadline for the payment and threaten to delete files if the fee is not paid until then.

LulzDecryptor Ransomware's attack sounds threatening certainly, but there is some good news – this file-locker is not as advanced as other malware of this type. It uses a very simple file-locking mechanism, which does not even generate a unique password (or decryption key) for each victim. Instead, it uses the value '4aEWaAMtxGnHPcvGnuxtEWYCPb5AxuC3ABcLRmz7AQZ2wdVpreduKK9C7LU7' to encrypt files. You can enter this decryption key in the LulzDecryptor window to initialize the decryption process for free.

While recovering from the LulzDecryptor Ransomware attack can be easy, there are many other file-lockers that are much more threatening. You should prepare your system for their attacks by investing in a reliable anti-virus application, as well as by maintaining up-to-date backups of your important data. This way, you will be able to recover encrypted files even if the original copies get encrypted.

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