'.metan File Extension' Ransomware

'.metan File Extension' Ransomware Description

The '.metan File Extension' Ransomware is a variant of the GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware, a relatively young family of file-locker Trojans. The '.metan File Extension' Ransomware can lock various media types and database-related files on your computer by encrypting them and holds them up for ransom. The lack of a freeware decryption program makes having a backup a critical defense against its attacks although most anti-malware products should remove the '.metan File Extension' Ransomware securely.

The GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware Family's South American Vacation

The GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware family of file-locking threats that plays host to campaigns like those of the Cammora Ransomware, COSANOSTRA Ransomware, and 'secureserver-eu@protonmail.com' Ransomware is getting a new version for Argentinian Windows users. The '.metan File Extension' Ransomware's rollout is live and in the process of targeting, locking, and ransoming the contents of PC owners in Argentina, although most of its payload isn't geography-discriminatory. The continuing use of the RSA encryption makes free unlocking services into a not-very-likely possibility for anyone suffering from the newest campaign.

The '.metan File Extension' Ransomware may owe its installation to criminals cracking the logins of vulnerable servers through brute-forcing, which is an effective technique versus unsafe passwords (very short or default ones, for example). E-mail is a similarly popularized means of gaining access to PCs by tricking company employees into opening a compromised document. After its dropping onto the drive, the '.metan File Extension' Ransomware can lock various formats of files automatically and does so with the exhaustive but secure choice of the RSA encryption.

Ironically, this family can disable some harmful software, although it does so for protecting its payload's sabotage, rather than protecting the user. Victims shouldn't depend on this feature for defending their PCs from affected threats, such as the Arkei information stealer program. Some of the more transparent symptoms that malware experts confirm are the '.metan File Extension' Ransomware's creation of Notepad TXT ransom notes and adding 'metan' extensions to the files that it's holding captive.

Canceling a File-Locker Trojan's Trip to Your PC

The '.metan File Extension' Ransomware isn't doing much for separating itself from its relatives, but this behavior is true to its Ransomware-as-a-Service model of doing business, which uses third-party threat actors. Users may not find recovery of their files through free decryption or data repair options a realistic possibility. Backing up any data of value to other devices with security measures of their own will keep the '.metan File Extension' Ransomware from harming files permanently.

Administrators should harden their networks by updating all essential software when it's possible, disabling RDP by default, closing any non-mandatory ports, and avoiding too-simple passwords for their logins. E-mail attachments are a secondary option of infection strategies for a file-locker Trojan's campaign and may fake being financial or news-related documentation. Strong anti-malware products can catch and delete the '.metan File Extension' Ransomware automatically but can't reverse the data-related impact of any infections.

What price the '.metan File Extension' Ransomware asks for in exchange for unlocking your files can be however much its threat actors feel that they're capable of getting away with demanding. While 'blaming the victim' is, in general, a fallacy, in cases where the user's security is, truly, in their hands, surrendering to extortion is no one's fault but yours.

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Posted: March 28, 2019
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