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Miul Downloads

Posted: October 14, 2015

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 23
First Seen: September 24, 2015
Last Seen: January 10, 2019
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Miul Downloads is a questionable application that you should not agree to install without knowing everything about its functionality. Its developers, who keep their true identity a secret, advertise this program as a reliable software updater. They claim that thanks to MiulDownloads, you will never miss an important update. In addition, this dubious application offers assistance with your new downloads. Although the interface of MiulDownloads may seem trustworthy to some users, the experts have grounds to define it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). First of all, not all installations of this download manager are intentional. Sometimes it may travel combined with third-party freeware. In case the person skips the details during the setup process, which is a common practice, the presence of Miul Downloads may be undesired. Moreover, since the license of this PUP is free, its developers benefit from advertisements. Exactly these ads are the reason security specialists don't promote the installation of this update manager. The commercial materials that Miul Downloads may insert in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer may be pretty annoying. It is possible for you to encounter various pop-ups, banners, interstitial ads and in-text ads on the sites you open. The existence of these marketing elements, some of which may contain heavy multimedia elements, may lead to some functionality issues like speed drops, freezes and crashes. Besides the online ads, Miul Downloads also may display many commercial materials in the program itself. These ads may encourage you to install third-party software, such as toolbars, web extensions, games and even anti-malware tools. Some of them may modify your PC in a negative way, which may result in the creation of system vulnerabilities. For this reason, you should not install any of the sponsored programs. You should use powerful and legitimate security software to delete Miul Downloads.

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