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Ncovid Ransomware

Posted: March 25, 2021

The Ncovid Ransomware is a file-encryption Trojan that shares many similarities with a less popular ransomware family called RIP Lmao. Unfortunately, neither of these threats are compatible with free decryption utilities, and the users who fall victims to their attacks may be unable to recover their data reliably unless they have access to a backup copy of their important files.

The Ncovid Ransomware is likely to be spread online with the use of various misleading messages and other deceptive tricks. The criminals may try to disguise it as a free version of a paid game or program, which is likely to attract the attention of users. In other cases, it might be masked as a document or email attachment, which the user is asked to review. Since threats like this one may attack from anywhere, it is recommended to protect yourself from them by using an up-to-date anti-virus software suite at all times.

The consequences of Ncovid Ransomware's attack are devastating. The file-locker will encrypt files, and it also will make them easy-to-spot by adding the '.ncovid' extension to their names. Of course, the criminals provide the victim with a document explaining their demands – '___RECOVER__FILES__.nocivd.txt.' According to the message, the attackers want to be paid 1Bitcoin in exchange for their assistance, and then be contacted at ciastko.zlukrem@gmail.com. The ransom note also includes a list of encrypted files.

We assure you that paying money to unknown cybercriminals is always a terrible idea, and you should not consider it at all. However, recovering from Ncovid Ransomware's attack is not easy. For starters, you need to eliminate the threat by using an up-to-date anti-malware scanner. Once you do this, you can try to restore files from a backup or experiment with other data recovery methods and tools.