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Onim Ransomware

Posted: March 26, 2021

Cybercriminals continue to rely on file-lockers to be their #1 extortion tools. Threats of this type are able to cause potentially permanent damage to the files found on infected machines, and recovering them may only be possible with the use of a specialized decryptor. The Onim Ransomware is one of the threats that use this exact strategy and, unfortunately, it is not compatible with free decryption tools. If the Onim Ransomware manages to harm the files on your system, then you will not be able to decrypt them easily. Currently, the only surefire way to undo the damage that the Onim Ransomware causes is to restore the original copies of the files from a backup.

The Onim Ransomware's corrupted files may be spread online via fake downloads, misleading ads and pop-ups, pirated content, or fraudulent email attachments and links. We advise you to stay away from unknown file downloads, as well as to set up proper defenses against malware. Using a regularly updated anti-virus software suite is mandatory if you wish to keep threats away from your system.

The Onim Ransomware uses the '.aes' encryption to mark the names of the files it locks, and it also drops the ransom document 'Readme.txt' on the desktop. The latter file tells victims to prepare a ransom payment of $300 worth of Monero, a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency. The criminals also list several emails for contact - onim72031@yandex.ru, onimransom@cock.li, and onimransom@protonmail.com.

So what should you do if the Onim Ransomware has encrypted your data? As mentioned above, recovering your files will not be easy unless you have a reserve copy of your data. Paying the ransom fee is out of the question because there is nothing to stop the criminals from taking the money without providing you with any sort of assistance. Instead of trusting them, you should eliminate the Onim Ransomware with the use of an up-to-date anti-virus tool and then try out popular data recovery options and software.

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