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Google Voice Verification Code' Scam

Posted: August 22, 2019

The 'Google Voice Verification Code' Scam is an unsafe tactic that can lead to a rapid increase in your phone bill. The tricksters look for Craiglist advertisements and similar publications, and then contact the victim by phone, telling them that they will send them a message code. They ask for the message code to be returned to them as proof that the ad was not fake, and that the person behind it is real. However, the attackers do not send a code – they attempt to register the target's phone number for the Google Voice service, and then Google sends the victim a verification code. It is easy to see the way the tactic works and why so many people have fallen for it – if the scammer gets the verification code, they will be able to use Google Voice to issue phone calls and send messages via the victim's phone number. This might be used to subscribe to services or execute more tactics by targeting friends, family, and co-workers of the victim.

If you ever receive such a message, you should know that there is something fishy going on immediately. Furthermore, you should always be vigilant for all messages containing confirmation codes – check if the sender is legitimate, and never provide the data inside to third parties.