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Online hoaxes are used to mislead or frighten computer users. Usually an online hoax or scam are sent through emails or come in the form of an executable application that could put a system at risk of being compromised. Various hoax applications are designed to shadow a real program by mimicking its name and interface. Hoaxes may also appear to be a warning message that is exaggerated or too good to be true. Hoaxes have also been known to be spread on chain emails forwarded to a computer user’s contacts in their address book.

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There are currently 4 hoaxes program(s) in our database.

Name Date
AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam September 19, 2013
Google Voice Verification Code' Scam August 22, 2019
Survey Bypasser October 18, 2013
Trojan.JS.Popupper.f June 22, 2010

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