OPdailyallowance Ransomware

Posted: September 11, 2018

OPdailyallowance Ransomware Description

The OPdailyallowance Ransomware is part of the Hidden Tear family of pseudo-open-source, file-locking Trojans. Its attacks can block your files by encrypting them, like other members of this family, and unlocking them by paying its ransom isn't guaranteed. Keep secure backups and available, updated anti-malware solutions for recovering any content and removing the OPdailyallowance Ransomware infections safely.

Twitter Memes Escalating to One Trojan's Warfare

Another version of the much-popularized Hidden Tear software is in circulation in the wild, with seemingly random victims as its targets. Like many of the relatively unpolished releases of file-locker Trojans, this threat, the OPdailyallowance Ransomware, uses references to media products and online social platforms in its ransoming components. Similarly to the EDA2-based FSociety Ransomware and the CryptFuck Ransomware, the Hidden Tear relative of the ShutUpAndDance Ransomware, or the wholly unrelated Fs0ci3ty Ransomware, the OPdailyallowance Ransomware's cosmetics are less important than its file-encrypting attack.

The OPdailyallowance Ransomware, like all of these threats, uses an AES-based encryption standard for locking your files automatically, and the users should expect no symptoms during the attack's occurrence. While the OPdailyallowance Ransomware, like other Hidden Tear variants, doesn't damage Windows, it will block media such as pictures, archives, and the majority of text documents or content from Microsoft Office programs. Malware experts also saw the OPdailyallowance Ransomware adding '.CRYPTR' extensions to these files' names, although there are no other changes to their identifiability.

However, unlike the average Hidden Tear project, the OPdailyallowance Ransomware includes some substantive support for the ransoming side of its payload. This threat hijacks the desktop's wallpaper for displaying one of its ransom notes, creates two text files with more information, and a final, HTML file (or Web page) with the majority of the instructions. The image that it adds to the wallpaper provides a Twitter hashtag associated with the Mr. Robot hacking show, which makes the OPdailyallowance Ransomware one of a handful of Trojans using that brand for self-promotion.

Depriving the OPdailyallowance Ransomware of Its Unlawful Allowance

While the OPdailyallowance Ransomware uses a more involved means of delivering its ransoming warnings to any victims than a normal HT variant, otherwise, its sophistication is, as usual, less than that of 'professional' Trojans like the Crysis Ransomware or the Globe Ransomware. Besides testing free decryption services against the OPdailyallowance Ransomware's locked files, malware analysts highly advise making as much use as possible of remote, secure backup storage that can make its attacks unimpactful. Most file-locking Trojans use e-mail or brute-force infection vectors, but the OPdailyallowance Ransomware could employ other strategies, such as seeding itself as a torrent.

Based on its currency formatting and other discrepancies in its alerts, the OPdailyallowance Ransomware's threat actor is, most likely, expecting victims in Europe and nearby regions. However, most Windows machines are at risk from almost any version of Hidden Tear, which can lock the most prominent and archetypal digital media kinds, such as text documents, nearly instantaneously. For removing the OPdailyallowance Ransomware infections, always use a dedicated anti-malware program, after which, you can resort to any suitable file-restoring solutions.

Besides its use of grammatically-questionable English, the OPdailyallowance Ransomware's campaign gives few hints about what individuals it anticipates for extorting. Whatever country you're doing your work from, keeping spare copies of it on more than one, vulnerable PC is the best way of preventing its Bitcoin wallet from growing.

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