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OVO Ransomware

Posted: April 5, 2021

The OVO Ransomware is a nefarious computer threat that may be distributed online through fake downloads, pirated content, corrupted email attachments or other deceptive content. Users who come across the OVO Ransomware's payload may have no idea that they are interacting with a threatening payload designed to encrypt the majority of their hard drive's contents. Unfortunately, once OVO Ransomware's attack is initialized, there is little that the victim can do to prevent it. The only reliable way to mitigate OVO Ransomware's attack is to use an up-to-date anti-virus tool, as well as maintain backup copies of your important data.

Once launched, the OVO Ransomware needs only a few minutes to encrypt the contents of dozens of files, rendering their contents inaccessible. The locked files also will have their names changed by adding the extension '.id-<VICTIM ID>.[dable19@mail.fr].OVO.' The criminals behind this project claim to have a decryption tool that victims can buy off of them in exchange for some Bitcoin. The full instructions of OVO Ransomware's creators are stored in the file 'FILES ENCRYPTED.txt' that the OVO Ransomware will drop on all infected computers.

Unfortunately, the OVO Ransomware is not compatible with free decryptors, and users affected by its attack may have a hard time restoring their files. Currently, the only reliable way to undo the damage this ransomware causes is to restore the original files from a backup. Paying the ransom fee is a risky endeavor because there is no guarantee that OVO Ransomware's creators will stay true to their word – they may opt to trick their victims by taking the payments and not providing anything in return.

If the OVO Ransomware has damaged your files, then you will be asked to contact dable19@mail.fr and airbusbtc@goat.si. We advise you not to contact the criminals. Instead, run an anti-malware scanner to remove the threatening application and then experiment with reputable data recovery software and techniques.

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