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Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware

Posted: June 12, 2018

The Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware is a file-locking Trojan from the RotorCrypt Ransomware family. The Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware can block media, like documents and insert unwanted extensions and e-mail addresses into their names. Traditional defenses against its attacks can include backing up your data securely, monitoring vulnerabilities like RDP settings or e-mail attachments, and keeping anti-malware products available for removing the Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware with minimal delays.

The Ransomer without a Ransom Note is Back

The RotorCrypt Ransomware is one of the most unusual families of file-locker Trojans, not for any specific feature, but for the lack of one: its failure of including any ransoming messages, either in a pop-up or text document formats. However, unusual characteristic hasn't impacted the Trojan's bottom line sufficiently that it interferes with its future development. New attacks using a variant of the RotorCrypt Ransomware, the Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware, appear likely of being underway.

The Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware includes few defenses against identification by AV products and is detectable by most brands as being a version of the RotorCrypt Ransomware. The under one-megabyte executable size allows its downloading through such traditional methods relatively quickly as the Zlob Trojan downloader or the Nebula Exploit Kit. Then, it implements a file search-and-encrypt feature that uses a secure combination of the AES and RSA ciphers. The resulting attack can block documents, pictures, and many other types of non-essential media on any Windows PC.

The Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware doesn't deliver a ransoming message for selling its decryption service. However, malware experts note the continuance of an alternate feature performing roughly the same function: the Trojan inserts the threat actor's e-mail address into the extensions of the encrypted media. Two underscores and additional symbols also provide a high-visibility flag of what content is non-opening.

Making a RotorCrypt Ransomware Update into a Profitless Bust

Any users hoping to restore their files via Windows backups will find that, like its competition, the Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware also erases any Shadow Volume Copies on the local drives. Always keep your backups on another, secure device for mitigating any potential loss of files from infection by threats with data-deleting, encrypting or corrupting features. The RotorCrypt Ransomware family, which also consists of the 'Blacknord@tutanota.com' Ransomware and the Starbax@tutanota.com Ransomware, uses a secure encryption routine, and malware experts continue confirming that there isn't a free decryption service available.

If its threat actors persist with the same strategies the rest of its family uses, the Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware's campaign may be threatening to a business network and server system particularly. Infection vectors malware experts find highly relevant to such entities include both spam e-mail attachments and brute-force efforts against poor login combinations. Anti-malware software, if active, should delete the Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware immediately and also may safely disinfect your computer, including the Windows components that the threat modifies.

The Panama1@tutamail.com Ransomware is a 'bare minimum' Trojan that does almost nothing more than what's necessary for making money off of businesses without backups. This little work put into the RotorCrypt Ransomware's update is evidence of how the accessibility of file-blocking technology can turn towards selfish purposes instantaneously.

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